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Are you a Fortnite player on Xbox one? If so, what feature that you know on Xbox One which supports to play Fortnite? However, as the Xbox player, you really know for detail the features that make the Fortnite players getting better in play. So as for other devices, Xbox One also has the excess that you may not know. What is the feature?

As we know that Xbox One is one of devices that you can use to play any games on some platforms. In fact, Xbox One has been used for tons of games over the world because of the awesome feature that can help the users to play the game as easy as possible. Recently, the Xbox One users have reached more than 65 million. Certainly, the number of Xbox One users are divided into some online-game platforms.

Talking about Xbox One, of course, this device also can be used for some purposes related to the Fortnite. Likewise the other devices such as PC or iOS, Xbox One also support to do anything. One thing that Fortnite players always do is to track the player. The purpose is to know how many players who are still playing Fortnite on Xbox One. Certainly, to check the number of Xbox One users on Fortnite, you do not need to a tool installed on Xbox One, but you can get it by visit a trusted site on the internet.

You may be familiar with the site named This site is really reliable to see the number of Fortnite players for every device. If you want to check the Xbox One users who are playing Fortnite completed with the rank, you can visit this link Then, you will see the Fortnite players who use Xbox One to play Fortnite. You can also see the number of PC, iOS or other devices Fortnite players by click the available button signed with logo.

Top Ten of Xbox One Fortnite Player in the World

In this chance, we also will give you the rank of Fortnite player on Xbox one which is very influential over time. Here are the data!

  • 1st: ZRotation comes from America that has joined with 20,781 matches and 17,033 wins.
  • 2nd: efgXBL comes from America which has won for 12,860 times and has matched for 17,041 times.
  • 3rd: Shylo also come from America which has joined for about 15,464 matches and 12,542 wins.
  • 4th: WolfXBL comes from America which has won for 11,576 times and matched 16,680 times.
  • 5th: Code J7Evooo comes from France which has joined for about 18,671 matches and 11,089 wins.
  • 6th: Mixer Ship comes from America which has won for 10,998 times and matched 27,196 times.
  • 7th: Add Luxy comes from Italy which has joined for about 19,414 matches and 9,333 wins.
  • 8th: MrManTheGod comes from America which has won for 9,134 times and matched for 13,452 times.
  • 9th: TTV R1xbx comes from America which has joined for about 18,851 matches and 8,720 wins.
  • 10th: Alone xoxo comes from Norway which has won for 8,585 times and matched for 19,403 times.

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