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Fortnite has been taking the world by storm ever since Epic games released the Battle Royale mode of the game for free. Millions of players are jumping out of that bus every day in order to get those precious wins and bragging rights. If you are one of those players, so you have come to the right place. Here we are going to share how you are able to make your Fortnite settings in order to get the best out of your machine and yourself.


You have to know that almost all Fortnite pros are on 1920×1080. There is a few playing at 1440p resolution, but that is in no way necessary and you are going to need a pretty beastly rig to run the game well at that resolution. There are several with some strange custom resolutions, but those are more the exception than the norm, as you can see in the statistics to the right. If your PC can run the game, feel free to turn the resolution up, but since frames are way more important for performance than pretty effects we do encourage everyone to stay at 1080p. You will always sacrifice frames if you go for a higher resolution, so generally we do not recommend it for competitive gaming.


Logitech G Pro Wireless, FinalMouse Air58 Ninja and FinalMouse UltraLight 2 are the best mouses for Fortnite. Many gaming mice like to advertise that they are able to reach DPI settings higher than you can count, but that is really not that useful. It is way more important that you can aim properly and having a high DPI setting does not help with that. Fortnite offers three different sensitivity settings that means that there is plenty of ways to approach this whole sensitivity thing.


Fortnite used to have your Y sensitivity be 70% of your X sensitivity. But, an update in the summer of 2018 added the ability to select your X and Y sensitivity yourself. Many Fortnite pros tend to favor the consistent feeling of having their X and Y sensitivity set to the exact same value, but if you were fine with the old (pre-summer 2018) sensitivity settings, so you are able to always go back to those by having your Y sensitivity be 70% of your X sensitivity.


Your ADS (Aim Down Sights) sensitivity will be your primary sensitivity for medium to long range duels. Therefore, it creates sense to have this one set to something that allows you to aim properly without any jitters. If your regular sensitivity allows you to do this, so you have to keep your ADS sensitivity at roughly the same as your normal sensitivity. If you have your regular sensitivity set to be a bit higher than what you are normally comfortable with for aiming then you should consider lowering your ADS sensitivity.

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