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On Fortnite, there is Fortnite Creative and you may have heard about it. In this Fortnite Creative, players are able to make their own islands and then other players can access it by using code. Now, you may want to play PVP so that you need the Creative code for Fortnite PVP. Here, we will provide you some information about it.

Fortnite Creative is a game mode on Fortnite where you as player have chance to design your games, race around the island, battle with friends in a private island and everything was created there is saved. You are able to find a lot of Fortnite Creative islands such as Escape Room, Snipers vs Runners, Trickshot Course and more. How about PVP? You can find this as well. You are able to find PVP Fortnite Creative as listed below.

  • PVP Arena which was created by mobilezocker. The code for this island is 0895-7570-2737.
  • PVP which was created by xtrem3yt. This island is for PVP play and the code for this island is 0052-3746-2803.
  • Simple PVP Arena which was created by groudonx. This is a multiplayer PVP arena and can be played by up to three teams. Every team will have a base where its members respawn and player will respawn with full health and shield and also keep their inventory on death. In this map, players are able to swap their inventory and refill ammo and resources after respawning in a base. The code for this island is 1687-4819-6915.
  • Jtgamer’s 16-player PvP which was created by jtgamer1548. This map is a battle royale styled PVP map where you are able to explore locations, eliminate other players and search chests with using various guns and weapons. The code for this island is 5263-7386-1037.

KaidGames on his Youtube video entitled Top 8 Best PVP Mini Games Creative Maps In Fortnite | Fortnite Mini Game Map Codes (With Codes) share the top 8 PVP mini games Creative maps in Fortnite. So, what are they? Here they are.

  • 5828-2800-6289

In this map, there are a lot of coconut trees and everything is awesome here.

  • 4777-4679-3360

The sky is dark but there is something purple there so that the sky looks like Aurora Borealis. Also a steel tank which looks like a pirate ship.

  • 2867-6818-6603

Everything is light here but the background is dark. So, this map looks pretty.

  • 8601-7555-4745

In this map, there are a lot of seats and monitors. So, you may have different experience in this map.

  • 3739-7773-3240

You are up the sky with green and pink trees and also the sky which is so pretty as well.

  • 4199-9933-1281

You are like in a small town with a neat buildings and roads. Explore this map with your friends.

  • 4151-6253-9143

The buildings here are up the sky. However, it may be something new for you. Even you can find purple dinosaur here.

  • 3365-1031-5459

When you are in this map, you will be like in a town at night.

If you are interested in these maps, you are able to explore the maps one by one and feel the different experience in each map.

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