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Have you ever bought a Fortnite Action figures? If you have bought it, you may found the QR code and you do not know what it is. Well, do not be confused since we will explain about the Fortnite action figures and also the QR code.

As we all know that Fortnite is not just an entertainment property with product but also it is a global movement. Fortnite is the action building game released by Epic Games and it will allow you to be able to drop into a massive player Battle Royale. You will also be able to cooperate with friends in a co-op campaign to save the world against a bunch of monsters. You are able to craft and loot in giant worlds where there are no two games are ever the same. So, Jazwares product line pushes the boundaries of traditional toys and bring the digital world to a physical product unlike anything fans have ever seen.

Toys are an inevitability of something is a hit with the kids. In 2019, Fortnite toys have blossomed into a big market since they complete with action figures, nerf guns, plushies, and higher quality collectible figures.

You are able to buy the Fortnite toys in some stores such as Amazon, Walmart and other stores. In, you are also able to buy the Fotnite toys. When you click on one of the toys in the Funko site, then you will be directed into the Amazon site. If you check the Funko site now, you are able to see the list of Fortnite toys for sale such as Drift, Ragnarok, Dark Vanguard, Sparkle Specialist, Tricera Ops, Valor and more.

When you buy the Fortnite toys, you may find the QR code in the package. What is it? And how to use the QR code? Well, this QR code is like a barcode and if you scan it, it probably will take you to the Fortnite site or even it can give you an exclusive content. A Youtuber which the channel’s name is Top Pops shares a video about this QR code in the Fortnite toys. He shares about it in the Youtube video entitled Free V-Bucks! Fortnite Funko Pop Code Mystery Revealed! which was uploaded by him on October 28th, 2018.

In the video, he shows you some boxes of Fortnite toys and you can see that the QR code is available in the box and it is small. Then, he tries to scan the QR code one by one by using QR code scanner app in his phone. As you can see that it gives you a code and then there is a note that the Fortnite product which he buys is authentic. So, it seems that the QR code of the Fortnite toys is just give you the license that the toys that you buy is authentic.

However, you are able to try to scan the QR code that you have in the box of your Fortnite toys. Who knows that it will give you different result. If you also get only the license, it means that the QR code in the Fortnite box is only for ensuring you that you buy the legal one.

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