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After you know that Epic Games added the radio to the cars, of course, it guides you to find the radio station locations that really need to choose the best one. However, the radio stations in Fortnite are available in some certain locations. Why should you know the locations of the radio station in Fortnite?

Now, in Fortnite, you are allowed to listen to the radio while driving the car to travel. When you are traveling the countryside and running over humanoid bananas, it is totally not enough if you do not listen to the radio or any songs. By listening to the music on the radio, it is such a good way for you to get rid of your stress in-game.

The radio generally can be used in any vehicles such as cars, boats and also helicopters. So, whatever the vehicle you use, the radio definitely can be turned on.

Where to Find a Radio Station in Fortnite?

The radio station generally can be found close to Craggy Cliffs to the east on the hills. It is surely not an area of the map which has been visited by many Fortnite players. So, it also becomes a Fortnite challenge in which you have to find this radio station in Fortnite.

So, knowing the radio stations to choose the best one is really a must for you. In fact, there are some locations where you can find the radio station.

Recently, there are four radio station locations that you can find in Fortnite. They are:

  • Party Royale

The first radio station that you can find in a car is in Party Royale. As we know that Party Royale is a greatest event in Fortnite that stage some popular musicians to enlive the event. Thorough Party Royale, you can totally get many best songs from some singers who have staged in Fortnite Party Royale. The musicians staged in this event are Diplo, Marshmello, Kenshi Yonezu and many more.

  • Radio Yonder

The Radio Yonder station allows the players to stream 20 tracks from the label. Through this radio station, you can totally listen to music from Slushii, Habstrakt, Dion Timmer, Sullivan King, Pegboard Nerds and more. You can also listen to Radio Yonder featuring Monstercat here:

  • Beat Box

If you want to listen to Drake’s song, you have to choose the Beat Box radio station while driving a Fortnite car. The Beat Box station will feature other real-world artists who have staged some popular artists who collaborated with Fortnite in an event. Of course, in Beat Box station, Drake has a huge fan of the game to begin with.

  • Power Play

This is the best radio station in which there are many songs listed that you can listen to on this station. Many great songs with different genres are available on Power Play radio station. If you are curious to listen to the songs on this station, you also can listen to the songs with YouTube music through this link

Of course, the other radio stations will appear soon to play music designed especially for Fortnite. Stay Tune, Dude!!!

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