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Have you heard about Rainbow Crystal in Fortnite? You may have heard about it on forum when you talk with some other Fortnite players or maybe there are threads about it in forums. Some of you may have not heard or known about this thing. So, what is it? Let’s find out the information about Rainbow Crystal in Fortnite here.

Based on the Fortnite Wiki at Gamepedia, Rainbow Crystal is a crafting material. Now, it is not able to be obtained in normal gameplay. It was given to Fortnite players as accidental compensation for early bug. Epic Games has said if they introduce Tier 6 Crafting to Save The World, this material will not be used.

Besides Crystal, there are also Spectrolite Ore and Moonglow Crystal. Both of them are also crafting materials. Spectrolite Ore is now unobtainable through normal gameplay and it is able to be used to craft Tier 6 weapons. It has the similarities to Bismuth. How about Moonglow Crystal? It is same as the two previous materials that now is unobtainable through the normal gameplay. This material is able to be used to craft Tier 6 weapons and also it uses the similar textures as the Shadowshard Crystal.

You may want to see the Rainbow Crystal or maybe some of the crafting materials as well in the gameplay of Fortnite, you are able to watch some videos about it. There are some videos on Youtube that you are able to watch. Here they are.

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  • This Super Rare Item is Worth $1000 | Most Expensive Items! | Fortnite Save the World which was uploaded by JAKRS on May 16th, 2018.
  • How to Get Rainbow Crystals!!! Fortnite[24] which was uploaded by BB Games on August 10th, 2018.

Well, as mentioned above that this is a crafting material in Fortnite. What is material? It is the term which is commonly used to describe the resources and ingredients which are required for building and crafting. As Fortnite players, you are able to break objects in the world to get materials: World Resources which are used in building structures in both Save the World and Battle Royale and Crafting Ingredients which are used to craft Weapons, Traps and Ammunition in Save the World.

There are some basic or non tiered ingredients which are available globally throughout Save the World including Active Powercell, Adhesive Resin, Bacon, Batteries, Coal, Flower Petals, Fibrous Herbs, Honey, Nuts ‘n’ Bolts, Planks, Quartz Crystal, Rotating Gizmo and Rough Ore. There are also Tiered Ingredients which are available in different map locations throughout Save the World; higher-tier ingredients can be found in locations with higher Player Level requirements.

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