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What was a Fortnite event which has ever been a trending event? Of course, you probably already know about all the events that ever held in Fortnite. Then, based on your opinion what was an event that totally has attracted many fans to follow it so much?

Well, as a maniac Fortnite player, of course we apparently are pulled to follow all Fortnite events. Of course, we already know for each event whether favored by Fortnite fans or disliked by them. In fact, not all events in Fortnite are successful to attract lots of fans to love it so much.

Then, in all Fortnite events, there is one Fortnite event that made us not forget it at all. Indeed, the event was such a unique and inviting event to follow. So, it is normal if many Fortnite fans too love this event.

One of the events that have been held in Fortnite is the Robots vs Monsters event. Fortnite players were left blown away by the stunning robot vs monster fight which has been held in Fortnite Battle royale. This event took place on July 20, 2019.

In Fortnite Season 9, there was a live event showing the robot and monster that fighted on the center stage in Fortnite Battle Royale. On the live video, you would see the robot and the monster were going to fight. Epic Games totally created this event as clearly as possible to attract a lot of fans to follow this event.

The action was held at 2.00 PM Eastern time on Saturday, July 20. Then, to attend this event, the players should login 10 minutes or before to avoid any potential slowdown. Even though Epic Games has been pretty good about the technical performance surrounding events. But, this event was not populated as the Marshmello Concert in Fortnite.

On this event, the players would see a long-awaited face-off between the Fortnite monster and the Pressure Plant robot which were played out in gorgeous fashion. Well, this Fortnite live event for Fortnite Season 9 was dubbed by a lot of Fortnite fans on Twitter as the best of the best live events that has ever been held in Fortnite.

Where to watch a replay video for this event?

Of course, you come to this page to get the information about where you can watch a replay video for this robot vs monster event in Fortnite. Well, we guess that you miss this event or you are currently a newcomer of Fortnite. So, it is normal if you do not know where to watch it.

For you who missed this event, you do not have to worry because you are able to watch the replay video from a Twitter account @TmarTn that you can access at:

Do you know who will win in this battle event?

Certainly, if you watch a reply video, you can see that the giant robot won this battle. So, enjoy watching this Fortnite robot vs monster live event in Fortnite if you really desire to know the battle. Happy Watching!!!

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