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You are on this page to look for the information about Fortnite RSS Ginger Stats? Do you think that it is so important for you? If so, definitely we cannot ignore what you desire. However, as Fortnite player, you probably will need this information at all. So, to get a bundle of this, please keep staying on this page!

On Fortnite, you are allowed to check your stats while playing game. Stats are very important for every player to know your score, rank, how many times you play Fortnite, win, kill and many more. It cannot be denied that Fortnitaestats will inform you some points to be learnt in order to get a reference as long as you are playing Fortnite.

By seeing the stats, automatically you will understand how to increase your skill on Fortnite. Therefore, you can get a way or strategy in which part that you have to increase your skill at all. To see Fortnite stats, definitely there are tons of Fortnite stats trackers that you can find on some sites on the internet. But, you have to be careful to visit the one. It is because most of them just make you a fool and a scam.

Certainly, as newcomer of Fortnite, you will get a difficulty to choose the trusted one. Indeed, you will need reference from any users that inform you to get the best one. Then, that’s our goal on this page in which we will show you one of trusted Fortnits stats tracker that help you to get the accurate information of Fortnite.

The stats tracker is called Ginger Clipz that you can find on this link: This tracker will inform the Fortnite stats as accurate as possible with complete diagram and lists. So, if you are really desire to get the information about it, here, we will show it for you in the below!

Ginger Clipz is one of professional streamer that you can find on Twitch. Definitely, you can follow him on Twitch @GINGER_CLIPZ. He is also so famous on Fortnite forum, one of them is Fortnite tracker that you can search on your browser through

On Fortnite tracker, he shared his play in the form of the Fortnite stats. On his stats, he has won game for about 1,933 times. If presented, he got for 19.50% win. He also killed for about 25,084 times. During playing Fortnite, he has followed for every match either solo, duos or squads.

  • For Solo, he has got 810 wins with 26.40% in every match. He has killed for about 8,317 times. He also got score during playing Fortnite for about 1,118,546.
  • For Duos, he has got 536 wins with 16%. He also has killed 7,973 times. During duos plays, he got score for about 997,734. He also got score 298.54 per match.
  • For Squad, he has got 587 wins with 16.80%. He has killed for about 8,794 times in every match. Then, on squad, he has reached the score for about 1,063,988.

Well, you already know the information that come from Fortnite Ginger stats. For this,  we hopefully that you will get the inspiration to be better Fortnite player.

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