Fortnite Save the World Trading Spreadsheet

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A lot of Fortnite players are disappointed because they are not able to trade in Fortnite. It is because Fortnite does not have feature for trading. However, if we see in some forums or groups, there are some people who trade their accounts or items. So, how can they do that?

Usually people use other platforms to promote their accounts for sale. However, you need to know that trading Fortnite accounts or items are risky since there are some people who are irresponsible who try to scam you. Actually, trading account is prohibited. It is written obviously in the Terms of Service and also in the License Agreement that you are able to read in the Epic Games site. It is written that the owner of account is the one who can access it and they cannot transfer or sell it to other players.

However, there are still many sites or communities who provide Fortnite people to trade. One of the site for Fortnite trading is Player Auctions. Then, if you want to know the communities for Fortnite trading, you are able to find the communities in Discord. Even though there are a lot of sites and communities which provide places for Fortnite trading, unfortunately we are not able to find the spreadsheet of Fortnite Save The World Trading. You are able to try to search it by yourself. If you can find it, you are able to share the information to others.

However, you are able to try to find information about it in Reddit. In this forum, usually people can find any information and maybe the Fortnite Save The World trading spreadsheet can be found here.

Well, if we talk about trading in Fortnite, Fortnite should provide the trade feature since it seems that this feature is needed by all players of Fortnite. For now, the features that are owned by Fortnite are Gifting system and Refund. So, if you want to give skins or items to other players, you are able to send it through the gift system. But, if you have bought an item and then you bought it accidentally, you can give it back to Fortnite to get refund with some terms and conditions.

If you want to give your items or skins in Fortnite, instead of trading it, you are able to gift it to your friends. If you want to gift your skins or items to other players, you have to make sure that you activate the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in your Fortnite account. Also, you must be at level 2 or higher. You are able to gift anything except V-Bucks, real money, items which are not currently in the item shop, items which are already in your locker, and some store items such as Battle Pass Tier Bundles

You are able to gift using any platforms such as Android, PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. So, you are able to use this feature to give skins or items to others in Fortnite instead of trading feature which is not available in Fortnite.

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