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In this article, we are going to discuss about Timed Missions that grant bonus rewards like evolution materials, perk resources, experience, schematics, Transform Keys or V-Bucks. We are sure that you open this page to find out that information. So, keep staying on this page.


You have to know that each Timed Mission’s bonus reward is able to be claimed when you are on completion. Timed Missions rotate every 6 hours. It marked with a clock sign on the map. Apparently, there are types of Timed Missions, but only Mini-Boss missions that can reward V-Bucks and Legendary Transform Keys. For your information, Mini-Boss missions are also known as Mini-Boss Mission Alerts or Mission Alerts.

V-Bucks as a reward of Mini-Boss mission is nice common and not possible as regular mission rewards. The rewards of Mini-Boss mission are 25-40 V-Bucks on a single mission and the missions change every six hours. You have to note that that there is a cap which limits your Mini-Boss mission bonus rewards to 3 (10 during Blockbuster event) daily. Completing and claiming rewards from more than three Mini-Boss missions a day cannot grant you the bonus reward. So, we suggest you to keep your cap one off for possible V-Buck rewarded Mini-Boss missions. There are other types of Timed Missions like Storm missions which have a daily cap of 10, but it can only reward evolution materials as the bonus reward. Then, Elemental Storm missions reward elemental perk resources for their respective elements and cap at 2 per each element.


Progressing on your main quest line is going to eventually unlock new areas with more missions to play. Each Storm Shield Defense on your quest line is going to reveal more mission spots on that area. You begin the game from Stone wood and need to complete the quest line of 35 quests to unlock Plankerton. You are going to get gain access to Canny Valley after completing Plankerton quest line. The final area you unlock is Twine Peaks. However, each area is harder than the last one. Besides, more quests also needed for the next area. High V-Buck rewards are more often found from the harder areas. In addition to the new mission spots, you are going also to unlock different types of missions, materials and daily quests as you progress.

On top of the page, you are able to see the current Mini-Boss Mission Alerts including the rewards without launching the game. No matter where the V-Buck reward mission is, there will be many people completing it for the free V-Bucks. In this case, if you cannot see the bonus reward on a Mini-Boss Mission Alerts, it means that you have either completed it once already or claimed 3 (10 during Blockbuster event) bonus rewards in the last 24 hours. For your information, Fortnite mission tracking provided by Storm Shield One, please visit them for more information, Save the World and Battle Royale stats and more.

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