Fortnite Scan a Henchman in Different Matches

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has now entered its fourth week, and TNTina has a brand new batch of challenges for all the players of Fortnite to take on. One of the challenges asks fans with scanning Henchmen of Fortnite, NPCs that a lot of Fortnite players have become quite familiar with over the course of Season 2, and this page will provide details on how to do exactly that.

The first thing to do in completing Fortnite scan a Henchman in different matches challenge is to locate these foes, and that is able to be done by visiting The Shark, The Rig, The Agency, The Grotto, or The Yacht. All the locations are the homes of the Henchmen of the game, and those adversaries are easily identifiable thanks to their white suits and sjull masks.

Once a Henchman has been found, the players of the game should shoot them until they are knocked down, and then they are able to approach them. This one is a process thatw ill be familiar to those who previously completed the challenge to shakedown Henchmen in Fortnite, but players should opt to pick up the downed foe this time around. In this case, the Henchman must be carried to an Id scanner, which is able to be found near the locked doors and the chests of the aforementioned areas and are used to scan those NPCs.

It is important to take a note that this Fortnite Season 2 Week 4 Challenge cannot be completed in a single match, as doing so will not advance the challenge pass the initial scan. However, the players are able to return to the same ID scanner in the new match if they find one that they are particularly fond of.

This thing should be done in different matches, so you cannot keep carry around the same Henchman to different scanners in a place. You are able to go back to the same zone, however, and do it the exact way, if you figure out a method that works best for you. If you manage to pull this off, all the locked areas or chests usually are pretty rewarding, so you have that going for you if you are trying to make an actual game of it, instead of just peacing out after completing the challenge you are going for.

When the players are finished scanning Henchmen, they are all able to then move onto blendsome of the other challenges for this week, which will have them suing decoy grenades, getting boss weapons in Fortnite and fishing with explosives. Ultimately, those that complete enough of those challenges will earn access to the Shadow or Ghost skin of TNTina, and scanning Henchmen is clearly a good way to make some easy progress towards that goal.

A lot of people love these Henchmen based challenges, all of them are right of goofy, fun and challenging, even though some people hate the other players who come along as sabotage them.

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