Fortnite Search Between Movie Titles: Location for the Week 10 Challenge

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Have you mastered the Fortnite search between movie titles? Do you know this challenge for detail? Or you do not really know this challenge anymore? If it is totally true, definitely you should understand for this challenge because you will get rewards after completing it. So, don’t waste time for it!

Fortnite search between movie titles is one of the week 10 challenges for final week of season 4. Indeed, it has gone live this week. This week 10’s challenges are now available on all platforms including PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and also mobile. So, you are able to take this challenge as much as possible.

In fact, lots of Fortnite players think that this is a hard difficulty challenges to follow for the week 10 Battle Pass. Search between movie titles probably will give some trouble to player even if they do not know where to look. However, search between movie titles can be mentioned as one of difficulty challenges added for final week of Fortnite season 4. Then, if you are successful to complete this challenge, of course, you will get reward Fortnite Battle Royale players with 10 Battles Stars.

Then, how to complete this challenge? Definitely, to complete this challenge, the player may think that they have to head to the one of big screens on Battle Royale map. However, the Fortnite search challenge always allow the players to mention three locations in which the Battle Royale players must search between the location to get the Battle Star. Unfortunately, the three locations on Fortnite week 10 challenges are missing from the title.

Well, how to search between movie titles as the location for the week 10 challenge?

Even though the location of search between movie titles is just northeast of Junk Junction where the cluster of building involving a movie studio is located. The next, you can follow the dirt path which is south of Junk Junction to the east until you find the three-way fork north of the aforementioned buildings.

After you got the three-way, certainly, the Battle stars will be found in a small patch of dirt to your right (south). For more detail, you can absolutely see the location in the map that we have shown above. The main way that you need to do is to run up the star and collect them in same way that you are going to open a chest.

For more detail about this challenge, definitely the movie titles refers to on the billboard that present the list of three films showing. Then, you can find the billboard to the left of the big screen which is in the Risky Reels area. The screen will mention three films, they are TV Dreams, White Lion and The Orange Crusher. Need to know that these films are not just showing at Fortnite drive-in theatre, but it is the name of locales on Battle Royale map.

Furthermore, while you are on the area, you can also work toward clearing the another challenge that will ask you to search seven chests in Junk Junction. Unfortunately, this challenge cannot be completed in a single match.

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