Fortnite Search Letters – How to Complete the Season 7 ‘search the Letters’ Challenge

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Are you so interested to complete the ‘search the letters’ challenge in season 7? What make you so excited to complete this challenge? What is the reward that you can get after completing the ‘search the letter challenge’? If you are so ambitious to complete this challenge, definitely you have to keep staying on this page!

Recently, Fortnite has accepted a new round of weekly challenges with the arrival of Season 7 Week 4. Then, a new Years-inspired firework challenges focus on search the letter. This is one of Battle Pass challenge that allows the player to search the certain letters around the map. In searching the letter, definitely the players should find the certain letter to be arranged becoming a word.

Then, the word is NOMS in which every letter is in the different place that you have to come over.  In the order, every Fortnite player needs to search and arrange ‘N’ ‘O’ ‘M’ ‘S’. Absolutely, it seems so simple, but searching for them can be rather complex at all. However, you have to follow the guide as good as possible to get the clue that shows the NOMS sign.

The first letter that you have to find is the letter “O” not “N” which is located west of Pleasant Park, just south of the mountain with the piano. To find it, you should find the old two-story house, but you do not need to go into. It is because the letter ‘o’ will be found in a little corner alcove behind a dumpster.

The second letter you have to find is the letter “s”. For this letter, the player should land in Wailing Woods, drop down into the bunker and head to the leftmost office. the player need to look carefully as the letter can be hidden by the door when it opens. The letter “S” is located on the second floor of the A.I.M base in a room filled with computer servers and consoles.

The next letter is “M” that can be found in the center compound of Dusty Divot inside the research facility. To know the specific research facility, you have to find it in the southeast corner. Then, drop on the west side and head into the building on the left, automatically, the player will find it in the building.

Then, the final letter that you have to find is “N”. This letter is located under the frozen Greasy Grove. Then, the letter “N” will be found in the middle building or the old sporting goods store. Besides, you can use the pickaxe to break the central area and the letter “N” can be on the left side of the store.

Well, after the players collected the complete letter, then, they should go to the Retail Row to visit the building and find the NOMS sign. That will be on the storefront at the top of the named location as well. Finally, the all letters spell out “NOMS”.

Hopefully, by completing this awesome challenge will see the players who are ready to get their battle pass for the next.

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