Fortnite Security Plans Guide: How to Steal Security Plans From the Yacht, the Rig, or the Shark

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There are some new missions and challenges brought by Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, what with the secret agent theme, and a such mission tasks you with infiltrating enemy bases ands stealing security plans from under their nose.

How is exactly you steal the security plans? You are able to follow this guide so you will be able to complete the mission and be on your way to finishing your battle pass. Please take a note that before accepting this mission, you will need to select which faction you want to side with. It will determine whether you get the Shadow or Ghost skin style for Brutus.

Another thing to keep in mind is this mission is probably more easier if you are playing with friends, as you will be able to survive entering an enemy base that may have the other players in it was better with some people on your side.

If you want to steal from the Yactch, please go to the Yatch located in the northeast corner of the map and o the best to enter from the lowest level possible without spooking the henchmen walking around. You are able to do this by swimming or gliding along the water and chopping your way through the exterior. You will want to end up on the lowest floor of the yatch. Please walk through the kitchen, pass that, and you will find a server. Then, hold E to interact with that and you will have stolen the Fortnite security plan.

After that, go to the parking lot at Steamy Stacks, where you will find two faction malboxes. The white one is for the Ghost faction, while the black one is for Shadow. You will find the white one beside a staircase outside building 3 and the black one a few feet from two orange cargo containers outside building 2. To complete the mission, all that you have to do is to drop the security plans in there.

To steal pants from the Rig, go towards the Rig. Then, find the server with a computer screen at its center. Next, walk close enough and press the interact button when prompted to download the security plants.

What should you do to steal the Fortnite security plans from the Shark? The easiest option probably includes a quick stop at one of the phone booths nearby. You are able to find them one under the bridge on the north west side near the helipad, on the island to the southeast, the southeast, or just the south.

The easiest method to get to the plans is enter via the cave on the east side. Ten, head to one floor and place the server room. You will see a wall or servers. Please mess around near it until you get the interact prompt, and then hightail it out of there with the plans.

In the next step, you will want to go to Pleasant Park to deliver the plans to the faction mailbox of your choice. Put them in the white box by the bus stop if you want to support Ghost and you will find that box on the sidewalk at the northwest end of town if you want to go with Shadow.

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