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What will you get in Fortnite Shadows Legend Pack? Are you interested to buy this pack now? How much does the Fortnite Shadows Legend Pack cost? It is cheap or expensive? Or you want to buy this pack but you do not know where to buy it, don’t you?

However, it is so normal for you if you want to buy this pack but do not know the place to buy it. Due to this pack is not available in Item Shop. So, you have to think deeply buying this pack in other places as well. In this case, we talk about the online stores that provide the Fortnite Shadow Legend Pack in a bundle complete with price at once.

Before you go on knowing the price and the store, it is so better for you to understand well about this pack. By understanding this pack well, it will make you easy to use it as effective as possible when playing Fortnite or having battle. It is because in Fortnite Shadows Legend Pack, there are many included items that you will use for certain goal. So, learning about them is not totally wrong for you.

The Shadow Legends Pack can be called as an upcoming bundle that includes three skins from the past that looks darker. The pack includes there awesome skin, they are Skully, cloaked Shadow and Sunbird. Besides, there are also a wrap and three back blings. This pack put more emphasis on cosmetic in Battle Royale. For that reason, buying this pack in a bundle will make your avatar enchanting and inviting look.

How much does the Fortnite Legends Pack price? You can get the pack by spending your money for about $19.99. But, this nominal is different based on currency that you use in your country.

In Fortnite Shadows Legends Pack, you will get some gorgeous items. Here are attachment items in a pack:

  • Perfect Cloaked Shadow

This comes from Cloaked Shadow as an Epic Fortnite outfit. This outfit appears with a mysterious man in a red cultist like hood and robe. The face of avatar is covered in shadows, expect his glowing yellow eyes. This also has a pair of black horns with a smoke like an aura.

  • The Shadow Skully

This is a kind of Fortnite skin which is part of the Skulls and Bows set. This skin was used as the  base of this outfit.

  • The Shadow Sunbird

This is a gorgeous skin that you can get in Fortnite Shadow Legends Pack. This appears with a golden-orange beauty to increase the power of the sun to smite her foes. She is as agile as the birds which fly over the island.

  • Perfect Wings

This can be an additional item which is a Back Bling in Fortnite Battle Royale.

  • Shadowbird Wings

This item is a Shadow Series Fortnite Back Bling from the Sun Soldiers Set. It can fly in the eclipse.

  • Stark Satchel

This item is involved in Back Bling. It is a Shadow Series Fortnite from the Skull and Bows Set. It is adorable and stark equal parts.

  • Array

This is a Shadow Series Fortnite wrap. It is also as an additional item in Fortnite that include in Fortnite Shadow Legends Pack.

Then, buy it now to get the Shadow Legends pack in complete.

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