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Fortnite often releases packs or bundles. So, what do you think about it? Do you like it? If so, what pack do you like? Now, we will find out some information about Fortnite Shadow Skin Pack. For you who still plan to buy this, you are able to read the review about this pack here.

On June 27th, 2019, Fortnite Shadows Rising was revealed by Epic Games. It was initially only available in selected regions but now it is available worldwide in the Fortnite store. As we know that in Season 7, Epic released the Frozen Legends pack and it includes 3 skins and 3 back blings. Then, Epic also released the Lava Legends pack. Epic decided not to launch another legends pack this season but they release the Shadow Rising pack.

What are included in the Shadow Rising Skin Pack?

This pack is available for all players on PS4, PC and Xbox One. In this pack, you will get three unique skin style in a black and white theme, three back blings and a weapon or vehicle wrap called Array. If you like color which is not striking, you can choose to buy this black and white themed pack. Here are the items which are included in this Shadow Rising pack.

  • Shadow Skully Skin (Epic)
  • Stark Satchel Back Bling (Epic)
  • Shadowbird Skin (Epic)
  • Shadowbird Wings Back Bling (Epic)
  • Perfect Shadow Skin (Epic)
  • Perfect Wings Back Bling (Epic)
  • Array Wrap (Rare)

Also, you can find a related item and it has been added to the in-game store. However, you will have to buy it separately. It is the new Stark Splitter pickaxe.

How to Buy Shadow Rising Skin Pack?

So, how to buy Shadow Rising pack and how much is it? This pack can be bought in the digital store of your platform. So, if you play Fortnite on PS4, then you are able to access PlayStation store to buy this pack. If you play on the other platforms, then access the digital store of it. It costs $19.99 or £15.99. Well, it is affordable, isn’t it?

The Look of Each Item in the Shadow Rising Pack

How are the looks of each item in this pack?

  • Perfect Shadow

This skin is black with a hoodie in his head. His face is also black and the thing that we can see on his face is his lighting eyes.

  • Shadow Skully

This skin is also black and on her face there is black line in each side of her cheek. Her eyes are white and she wears a black hat with a white star on it.

  • Shadowbird

It is a female skin in black color with a mask which is bird-like on her face.

  • Perfect Wings

The wings are like smoke and it is cool to wear.

  • Shadowbird Wings

These wings are like wings of bird in black and white color.

  • Stark Satchel

This back bling is like a skull without a mouth.

  • Array Wrap

The base color of this wrap is white but there is mountain-like pictures on it in black color.

If you like with this pack, you are able to buy it now.

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