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Do you really want to get Fortnite Shadows Rising Pack Xbox? Of course, every Fortnite player desires to get the Shadows in a pack. It will complete your need to use this Shadows series to have a battle. To get this series, definitely it is such an easy way to do. So, what does make the Shadows Rising series really much sought after?

Fortnite Shadows is involved as a cosmetic pack which is available for all players on PC, PS$ and Xbox One. Certainly, it makes the players getting easy to use the Shadows series on Fortnite battle. However, the Shadows series really attract many players to use this cosmetic as its attractiveness.

The Shadows Rising comes in a pack. This pack is an Epic Fortnite Bundle that you can buy completely. In a pack, you can get some awesome items which consist of Skully, Cloaked Shadows and Sunbird. Of course, it can be benefit for you if you buy this pack. You can really get complete series in one pack.

The Shadows Rising Pack was revealed on June 27 which is now available in selected regions. As we have known that this pack came with shadowing off three unique skin styles with a white and black theme. The three skins for Skully, Cloaked Shadow and Sunbird are created in monochrome theme at all. So, those skins add the gorgeous and enchanting look for everyone’s eyes.

What will you get in Shadows Rising Pack? If you want to try purchasing this awesome pack, of course, it does not matter for you. It is because you will get many satisfied items in this pack.

What’s included in Fortnite Shadows Rising Pack? Here are they:

  • Stark Satchel Back Bling: It is adorable and stark equal parts.
  • Shadow Skully Skin: It is the eclipse the world with stylish domination.
  • Shadowbird Skin: The awesome skin flies in light and live in the eclipse.
  • Shadowbird Wings Back Bling: It really flies in the eclipse.
  • Perfect Shadow Skin: This becomes the ominous shadow.
  • Perfect Wings Back Bling: It soars in Shadows.
  • Array Wrap

Those are all items that you can get in Fortnite Rising Pack. There is also the related item added to the in-game store, that is a new Stark Splitter Pickaxe. But, this item should be purchase separately.

Then, how much does the Shadows Rising Pack cost? Certainly, The cost of this item in every country is really different. Here are the prices in different currencies:

  • $19.99 (USD)
  • $26.95 (AUD)
  • £15.99
  • €19.99
  • ¥2,160

Of course, make sure that you have known the price of Shadows Rising Pack on your country to make you easier when buying this awesome pack.

If you do not know the stores that provide this pack, definitely, we are going to share some stores to buy.

Now, it is your turn for you to buy this gorgeous Shadows Rising Pack and make your game more inviting and interesting to play.

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