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Well, starting on Sunday, August 9, 2020, the Cozy and Comfy Chomps skins, the Sail Shark Glider and the Sharky Slappers Pickaxe will return to the Item Shop soon. Are you ready for celebrating the return of Shark week?

To celebrate Shark series return to Fortnite, you really have to dive in the premiere Royale event in Fortnite starting Monday, August 10 at 2 PM ET. The episode pretends at the top of the hour for 24 hours.

Why does the Shark Week appear in Fortnite?

In fact, the Fortnite Shark Week is all about celebrating for the amazing sea creatures, but now they really need our help.

This year, we are celebrating the Shark Week event in which we can help save sharks which are endangered in the oceans. This event is totally dedicated to help protect sharks by a global shark fin trade which includes fins from as many as 73 million sharks each year. In this event, the Oceana and the Discovery partners support the fight against this brutal, wasteful practice.

Then, how can you help save the Sharks?

However, it is an easy way to do it if you really want to help protect sharks. You just can send a message in format: SHARK send to 707070. By sending this format message, you already support Oceana’s shark and you will receive an automated Shark Week promotional message.

Of course, the sharks’ case right now that happens on Oceana leads Epic Games to hold a greatest event to support the Oceana’s shark by showing a Discovery Channel in Fortnite.

Then, you will be amazed with this Fortnite Party Royale event in 2020. Why? However, the Discovery Channel’s for Shark Week will premiere on Party Royale’s big screen. So, it eases the players to attend and watch as Dr. Austin Gallagher uncovers the mystery of a 14-foot tiger shark’s attacker. In fact, it can be an unknown species of mega shark or even called cannibalistic tiger shark as well.

When and Where to Watch?

You can totally watch the Shark Week premiere at the top of every hour beginning Monday, August 10 at 2 P.M eastern. Then, the Party Royale of Shark Week will be streaming it for 24 hours straight. So, you definitely won’t miss it if you are applying to Fortnite on Monday.

Then, if you are looking to get into the spirit of things, you are able to grab a few shark-themed items from an in-game item shop starting on Sunday, August 9, 2020.

But, if you cannot watch one of the Tiger Shark King that will be showing right when it starts, please you do not have to worry. Of course, you can still watch the rest of the showings as long as you join before it ends.

This event will be showing for various different films, documentaries and other types of entertainment which have been shown through Fortnite. Of course, it can be an unforgettable experience to show the documentary film that you ever do in Fortnite.

How about you? Are you ready now?

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