Fortnite Signal the Coral Buddies Quest

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‘Signal the Coral Buddies’ is one of the Fortnite challenges in Week 6, Season 5 Chapter 2. As we know, this week is bringing a whole new set of weekly challenges that you have to complete in Fortnite. The weekly challenges available are pretty easy to complete as long as you really understand how to do it.

The Coral Buddies have been around Fortnite for a while even though they are actually hidden away in secret challenges. Surprised! This week, the Coral Buddies really appear in the game which offers the Fortnite fans to signal to them.

Fortnite Signal the Coral Buddies Quest

Are you ready to signal the Coral Buddies and complete the week 6 challenges in Fortnite? so, let’s start to find them!

Where to Find the Coral Buddies?

Finding the Coral Buddies to complete the week 6 challenges in Fortnite is quite easy to do as long as you really know where they are located. In order to find the Coral Buddies, you have to make your way to locate the Coral Castle. At least, there are three different spots at POI where the Coral Buddies can be found.

So, here are the locations!

The first location to find the Coral Buddies is allowing you to visit the northern part of this named POI. To reach this location, you just simply land on a small patch of land where you will have a chance to see a rock. Moreover, a rock here has a purple coral on the top. If you approach it, you can see a Coral Buddy which you have to signal.

Coral Buddies is allowing you to visit the northern part of this named POI

Once you successfully find the first location of Coral Buddy, you must then find the second location where the Coral Buddy can be found. You can find it next to the huge purple coral at the location.

huge purple coral at the location


The third location of Coral Buddy is just to head slightly towards the southeast on the map. The exact spot of the Coral Buddy location is right on the edge of the island which is close to the waterfall. If you can see the Coral Buddy there, it means that you completely find all the Coral Buddies as a requirement of Fortnite week 6 challenge.

Coral Buddy is just to head slightly towards the southeast on the map

If you want to try finding the Coral Buddies through watching a video, you can try to watch a video from Tabor Hill entitled SIGNAL THE CORAL BUDDIES (Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 Epic Quest Challenges) that you can access here.

How to Signal the Coral Buddies?

Once you successfully found the locations of all the Coral Buddies, you surely have to signal them a lot. However, to signal the Coral Buddies is a goal in completing this challenge. Well, here’s how to signal the Coral Buddies!

After you see a Coral Buddy in the first location, the thing which comes on your mind is to signal it. In this location, you will recognize for a Coral Buddy which really needs to be signalled. Then, you have to interact with clam and complete the first Signal Coral Buddies challenge. Once it’s signalled, it automatically will open up to indicate that you are able to move on to the next one.

Well, the next here is the second location where you can find another Coral Buddy. Just like the first way, once you successfully find the Coral Buddy next to the huge purple coral at this location, you can then signal it and proceed to the third one.

To signal the last Coral Buddy, you just need to head south east of the Coral Castle. Same as the first and second coral buddies, all things you need to do once you find the last Coral Buddy is to interact with it.

Congratulations! Once you successfully signal all the Coral Buddies, the “Signal Coral Buddies” challenge is completed. You can now have a chance to get the rewards.

Rewards You’ll Get After “Signal Coral Buddies” Challenge

Just like most Fortnite challenges which grant the players with great rewards, so as with the challenge of Signal Coral Buddies, you surely will get the rewards. If you successfully complete this challenge, you will be automatically rewarded with 20,000 XP as soon as after you find the third Coral Buddy in a certain location.

List of Fortnite Week 6 Challenges

Aside from Signal Coral Buddies challenges, Fortnite Week 6 also offers plenty of great challenges to complete. Here they are:

  • Blow up fishing holes at Sharky Shell, Sweaty Sands or Flooper Pond

In this challenge, you can use explosives into the Fishing Spot. In order to complete this challenge, it would be better if you are dropping into a Team Rumble game.

  • Destroy motorboats

Once you drop at Craggy Cliffs, you will find a motorboat if you head West. This challenge allows you to destroy motorboats with weapons or pickaxes.

  • Blow up fishing holes at Lazy Lake Island, Lake Canoe and near Steamy Stacks

Like the first list of the week 6 challenge, in order to complete this challenge, you should use an explosive into Fishing Spot.

  • Catch fish

The next challenge that you need to complete is to catch fish. This challenge is really great for those who have not done much Fishing in Fortnite. To catch fish, you just simply have to grab a Fishing Rod or Harpoon and then head to water. Here, you can spot a cluster of fish swimming with ripples of water above.

To complete this challenge, you can throw a Fishing Rod into the cluster and then wait for the fish to pick the bait up. You can then pull the rod back to catch. To catch fish, you can also use a Harpoon Gun by firing it into the cluster of fish.

  • Destroy boats

You can find the boats at Lake Canoe and also Craggy Cliffs. You can use pickaxes to destroy the boats.

  • Destroy fishing rod barrels

You need to find the fishing barrels at nearby watering lakes, rivers, holes and also fishing cabins. In order to complete this challenge easily, you can head to Craggy Cliffs. You will then find the building, inside it you can locate plenty of fishing barrels. You can then destroy them with your pickaxe.

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