Fortnite Skill Based Matchmaking Removed

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Are you the one of Fortnite player who are not happy with SBMM launched by Epic Games? If so, definitely you are not alone because most of Fortnite players are really disappointed with SBMM. However, SBMM makes the players looking like being sorted out by any rules. Is it true that SBMM has been removed?

Definitely, to know the facts about SBMM, you have to look for the trusted information from actual sources. So, in this chance, we present to give you some facts about SBMM which is totally still confusing among Fortnite players. So, here are for the facts!

SBMM stands for Skill-Based Matchmaking in which it makes most of Fortnite players are annoyed with it. So, why?

As we have known well that SBMM works to match the players with opponents who have the same skill and knowledge about Fortnite in a system. The Skill-Based Matchmaking will take into the account statistic such as the percentage or how many times the player win in the game, the average kills per game, matched played and average placing. So, those should be the factors that determine the players to be joined into SBMM.

Due to the players will have the skill based on the stats, definitely the SBMM should be able to create matches which just include the players within a certain skill range. So, it means that Fortnite must have capability in making all 100 players in Fortnite match in same skill level.

Of course, the system has positive and negative factors. For positive, the best competitive players will find any new challenges when matching with higher level opponent. So, they will explore the skill with different gameplay style.

Then, for negative, definitely, we know that the average player will have no problem to find a match as the most of players online. But, for bad and really good player, it may take a while to start playing because just few players who have the skill in this level.

So, for that reason why most of Fortnite players are very annoyed with this Skill Based Matchmaking that makes them seemed to be separated. Then, there is a Hashtag which says #removeSBMM that is trending on Twitter. It means that many people really want to get SBMM removed from Fortnite’s system.

Definitely, the complaints come from many players who are really annoyed about SBMM. Then, the one of group who is really confused with SBMM is cross-play group.

Most of Fortnite really desire that SBMM is removed. It is because the good competitive players who are dominating the bad players feel that it’s such a fun way. Even though, this way is totally make the bad player getting loss.

So, it is true that SBMM has been removed? In fact, due to many people complaining about the SBMM, so, it is officially announced by Epic Games that Skill-Based Matchmaking will be removed from Fortnite immediately.

Well, it is the good news for every Fortnite player in which they won’t get injustice in a game anymore.

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