Fortnite Skins Missing From Locker

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Have you ever experienced where you lose your skins from your locker? If so, you may be curious what it can happen, right? So, you need to know much about Fortnite and its rules so that you will not experience the thing like this anymore. So, why this thing can happen?

If some of your Fortnite skins are missing from your locker, it can happen because you maybe buy V-Bucks on the third party. As we know that Epic Games not only released the game of Fortnite but also they provide official places for selling V-Bucks and items of Fortnite.

Fortnite is a game which is free to play and now it can be played on a wide range of devices such as PS4, PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and some other devices. Because this game is free to play, so the developers of Fortnite sells items in it to make a profit and further develop it. As a player, you are able to buy V-Bucks in the in-game store and via V-Bucks cards which have been released recently.

However, even though Epic Games has provided official places for buying V-Bucks and Items, there are some third party sellers who offered V-Bucks at lower prices so that some players decide to buy V-Bucks in the third party. Most of the players who bought V-Bucks from the third party sellers had taken away from the video game developer.

No wonder why a lot of players buy V-Bucks in the third party because they sell in the lower price and also they promote it through their customers over social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter or marketplace like eBay. Unluckily, the things that people think when they buy V-Bucks in the third party is the lower price. They do not think whether it is safe and legal or not to buy V-Bucks in the third party.

It is important for you to know that Epic Games has mentioned many times that players are only allowed to buy V-Bucks through the official sellers. Now, the official sellers include V-Bucks card retailers, in-game stores and also console stores such as PlayStation store. Any other source of V-Bucks is most likely a fraud and the developer of Fortnite has the right to remove the V-Bucks obtained through the third party sellers.

So, it can be the reason of why you lose your skins, items, or V-Bucks on your Fortnite account. It maybe because you have bought V-Bucks in the third party which is not official stores from Epic Games and Epic Games cannot tolerate it. Players who purchased V-Bucks using this way had it removed and players who also used the bought V-Bucks to buy cosmetic items had items removed from their locker.

So, if you do not want Epic Games to removes V-Bucks that you got from third party seller and cosmetic items bought for them, you need to make sure that you do not buy V-Bucks in the third party seller again. Make sure that you buy V-Bucks and Cosmetic items only at official stores of Epic Games.

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