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Learning more about Fortnite skin is totally a must for you. Indeed, skin can be called as an important thing that must exist on Fortnite. Surely we kindly know there are many kinds of skins on Fortnite that add your avatar more inviting and mesmerizing to look. Are you confused what skin that you want to use for you avatar?

You do not have to worry because there are many gorgeous skin options that you can choose now. Either old series skin or new release skin is definitely good for you. We guess that if you choose a skin, it will be suitable to your character. As we have known well, the Fortnite skin was released based on the real character which was related to the certain theme. The theme here either can be extreme, coquettish or professional.

So, one of skin that you can choose for you avatar is Sleuth Skin. As a newcomer of Fortnite, you probably do not know about this skin. But, most of Fortnite player prefers this skin to present an unpredictable profession and can be mentioned as mysterious mission. Yeah… the theme of this skin is represented for a detective who has a complicated case to solve.

The Sleuth skin is used for male avatar outfit. This skin came with a classic and exotic detective outfit which is represented with a thick brown jacket, a pair of black gloves and a black fedora hat. This outfit also completes with a wanted person flyer sticking out of the pocket.

More valuable in which this skin is featured with an included back bling called Evidence Bag. This bag looks similar to the Back Bling called Confidential Case. Evidently, this skin was inspired by many noir films, especially for detective films. This classic outfit just can change the appearance of the avatar for an aesthetical factor, do not have an additional benefit or performance for avatar.

For more information about this skin, Sleuth is an Epic Fortnite outfit that came from the Hardboiled Set. This skin was released on July 02, 2018 and it was just available for limited stocks. As we have explained above, this skin came with brown trench coat version of the similar Noir skin. This keeps the theme of detective and private investigator like Gumshoe. This outfit also has for the similarities in era with Rapscallion and Scoundrel.

If you want to buy this skin, you just have to spend your v-bucks about 1,500 that you can get in the Item Shop.

This skin also was completed by Back Bling, they are Evidence Bag, Magnifying Axe, and Viceroy Mark for Sleuth glider. The evidence bag is used to keep all the evidence that you get from someplace. The Magnifying Pickaxe is used to investigate someplace, evidence and also witness. Leaving no clue can make your avatar so hard to find the case solving. So, this axe is really useful anymore. Last, the Viceroy Mark is used to arrive at the crime scene in style with the classic lines.

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