Fortnite Sniper Creative Codes

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Fortnite Creative allows you to be able to have your own private island. Then, if you want other players to visit your island, they need code to enter it. Now, what island do you want to visit? You may want to enter a Sniper island so now we are going to share some Creative codes for Fortnite Sniper.

First, what is Creative on Fortnite? Fortnite Creative is a game mode on Fortnite. In this game mode, you have chance to be able to design your games, race around the island, battle with friends in a private island and everything which was created there is saved. A lot of Fortnite Creative islands can be found on Fortnite such as Escape Room, PVP, Trickshot Course and Sniper as well.

There are some Sniper islands codes that we found and you can try to use the codes. Here are the codes.

  • Sniper Battle Arena which was created by Pantorious. This map is a battle arena and there will be 4 teams of 4 against each other in a fierce battle. Here, players will battle by using only the most accurate of weapons. The code of the map is 8325-1344-2484.
  • Lilmidgxt’s Sniper Map which was created by lilmidgxt. This is an amazing sniper map for all you and your friends to play. The code for the map is 5462-3152-9374.
  • Snipers One Shot which was created by Dux. In this map, you are able to see who is the best sniper. The code for this map is 6103-8566-5742.
  • Winter Sniper Shootout which was created by Jay. In this map, you are able to battle out with your friends by using snipers and crosows in a style arena which is close-quarter. The code for this map is 0664-7667-3518.
  • Dakota Sniper Island which was created by Skttlz. This is a sniper only map featuring a Dakota sculpture. The code for this map is 8188-6854-8948.
  • Snipers vs. Ballers which was created by OriginallyJames. In this map, there are two teams including Ballers and Snipers. If you are in the Ballers team, you must stay alive for 15 minutes. If you are in the Snipers team, you must shoot out all the Ballers to win. The code for this map is 6509-9835-2607.
  • Sniper One Shot On Creative which was created by poopmaster111111. The code for this map is 7296-9775-3508.
  • Sniper Sky Wars which was created by abizzle5. In this map, there are 2 to 8 players and you have to choose a class and eliminate all other players. The last man standing is the winner. The code for this map is 8234-5730-5522.
  • Only Sniper Arena which was created by andrewww356. This map is only sniper arena and the code for this map is 2537-1930-2000.

Do you know how to enter the code so that you are able to access the map? If you want to enter the code, the first thing that you have to do is starting Creative server. After you start the Creative server, then the second thing that you have to do is approaching the featured island rift in the Creative Hub. Then, you have to open Set Island Code and then enter the code of the map that you want to access.

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