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In Fortnite, there are challenges that you have to complete by visiting Snow Biome. If now you want to complete a challenge in Snow Biome, it means that you need to know the exact location in the map so that you will know where you have to head to.

In Fortnite, Snow Biome is the home to some of the games locations and it becomes of certain note to players looking complete the challenges for Season 9 Week 3. In this challenge, you have to search ammo boxes in the snow so that you need to head to the Snow Biome. The Snow Biome in the Fortnite map occupies a lot of bottom left of the map of the game and it is around a fifth of the total explorable space in the game.

This is a home to four named locations including Polar Peaks, Shifty Shafts, Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet. Other important locations in the snow are the warehouse northwest of Happy Hamlet, the Viking Outpost in the center north of the frozen area and the frozen lake north of Polar Peak. Some of these places are good beginning places for you looking to  loot up and hitting multiple in a single match may grant big progress toward completing the challenge.

There are some videos that you are able to watch about Snow Biome in YouTube. Here are the videos.

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According to Fortnite Intel site in the article which was posted on December 21st, 2018, Snow Biome is expanding and it is likely to cover the whole map. Comparing the current day map to the map on the launch of Season 7, it shows that the snow seems to be expanding. If you see it at first glance, it is difficult to notice the difference. However, if you take a closer look at areas such as Snobby Shores, the nearby mountains and the Soccer Field the snow looks to be creeping outward. Even the snow at the top of the Viking Mountain looks to be melting than expanding.

Well, whatever happen in the Snow Biome, if now you have a challenge that you have to complete go there and complete the challenge.

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