Fortnite Sorana Pickaxe Location: Where to Find Hidden Pickaxe in Chaos Rising Loading Screen While Wearing Sorana Outfit

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Now, you may be in the step where you are wearing Sorana outfit and you are looking for the hidden pickaxe in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen. Well, it may be a little bit tricky for you to find the location so here we are going to tell you where you have to go to find the hidden pickaxe in Chaos Rising Loading Screen while wearing Sorana outfit.

If you want to get this pickaxe, you have to make sure that you have obtained Sorana skin. To do that, you will have to get all eight Fortnite letters and these letters are hidden in the game. To find the letters, you have to unlocked them one by one by completing eight challenges in each of missions from the battle pass.

Where can we find the Sorana Pickaxe? If you have had Sorana in your Locker, then you have to go to the Pickaxe location. You are able to look at the bottom right of TV monitor in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen and you will be able to see Sorana with her pickaxe beside G1/G2/H1/H2. These are the coordinates of the map. You have to equip the Sorana skin and then go somewhere near there.

The exact spot of the pickaxe is at the highest peak in the mountains east of Misty Meadows. When you arrive there, you will be able to see a flag with the Pickaxe nearby. Note that in this part to be able to see the and collect the Pickaxe, you have to wear the Sorana skin. So, make sure that you change your skin when you are in the lobby.

Besides unlocking the pickaxe, you probably also want to collect the back bling which is hidden in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen. The location process of the back bling is the same as the Pickaxe procedure. You are able to see on the left side of the Chaos Rising Loading Screen which is a monitor with coordinates for G7/G8/H7/H8. Note that you have to make sure that you equip the Sorana skin and go near there.

You have to head to the beach north of Steamy Stacks. There, you will be able to find a big boulder and the back bling that you are looking for is nearby. Now, you have known how to get the pickaxe and the back bling of Sorana.

If you want to see some guides about it in the form of videos, you are able to watch some videos on Youtube and the videos that you can watch are as listed below.

  • Find the Back Bling & Pickaxe Hidden Locations – Sorana Outfit Chaos Rising (Fortnite) uploaded by Bodil40.
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  • and some other videos.

Well, you can try to find the pickaxe now and good luck. You are able to share your experience about this challenge in a forum with the other Fortnite players.

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