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Finally, the players of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch have been granted a “Career” page after long demand. However, it does not seem to actually work. The Career tab shows the players their lifetime stats, with information like total eliminations, wins and more, sorted by game mode (solos, duos etc.)

Available since launch on console and PC, once Fortnite originally became available on the Nintendo Switch, the Career tab was conspicuously absent. Then, after months of asking, finally Epic Games blessed the users of Nintendo Switch with the Career tab, but once the players eagerly went to the new page, they were met with nothing but blank statistics. At first, the players admitted that it simply did not track any previous wins, instead starting from zero at the point the Career page was added. Even, there are some players discovered that it did not even count any wins from after it was added either. However, there are some luckier players who have had their wins and eliminations begin to track, starting from zero, while others are getting no functionality at all.

Making matters worse, apparently, the team at Epic Games is currently taking a well earned break over the holiday period. So it looks like the players of Nintendo switch will not be getting fix possibly until after the new year. Therefore, if you are a Fortnite player on the Nintendo Switch and care about your stats, you may want to avoid playing until after a fix is issued. For now, it appears the new Career tab is only as useless as when it was not available at all.

However, you do not be sad again. After Epic Games announced that stats for Nintendo Switch and Mobile were made available within their client, there are some websites that offer Fortnite Stats for Nintendo switch. It means that one of the most requested features for our website would become available as well. After a bit of work, finally FortniteMaster as the first third-party site announce that they offer Fortnite stats for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. To look up your stats, easily you are able to enter your Epic Games username into either of the search bars on FortniteMaster site. After that, it will load up your profile, where it is going to give you new options to filter your stats by Nintendo Switch.

Apparently, that is nice much all there is to it. In this announcement, Nintendo Switch and Mobile stats are going to only be available for FortniteMaster website’s profile. Filtering by Nintendo Switch and Mobile on their leaderboards. Then, making these stats available through their Discord bot are still two features being worked on. They also expect to have these added as soon as possible. Now, you are able to enjoy your stats using FortniteMaster. If you still do not understand about this information and you want to get more information, so we suggest you to go to the site of FortniteMaster.

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