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In this article, we are going to talk about about Fortnite Stats for stream. As we know that there are many tracker sites that offer Fortnite Stats for stream. One of them is Fortnite Scout. If you are interested to add Fortnite Scout Stats to your Stream, so you are able to go to that site or simply you are able to visit this link;


You are able to show your Fortnite progress for the stream session including your wins, k/d and placement statistics, right under your in-game health bar. Now, you are able to fill some information to add Fortnite scout to your stream. Here are some steps you have to do:

  • At the first step, you have to enter your Epic games username.
  • After that, you have to select your platform (PC/Xbox One/PS4).
  • The next step that you have to do is to select overlay.

For note: the most popular overlay includes kill/death ratio alongside Fortnite Scout’s unique placements bar for your top 25%, top 10%, and win counts per streaming session. Now, you need to consider adding a link to your Fortnite Scout player page in your stats. Of course, you are able to place more than one overlay on your stream. This also available: Fortnite Stats Panel for Twitch.

To add this to your stream, you have to create either a BrowserSource (OBS Studio) or Webpage URL (XSplit Add->Other) and then paste the URL and sizing numbers. You have to remember that you do not cropping out their branding. Fortnite Scout does not give you money from any streaming overlay.

Now, you are able to move your new Fortnite Scout layers in place underneath your in-game health bar, map, or wherever you like. The recommended position listed is going to work for most people running a default streaming setup. However, you may have to position it manually. If you cannot see the game in your stream monitor, so you are able to try bringing up your inventory (default: Alt key) before alt-tabbing out of the game.

Apparently, there are some things that you have to note:

  • While you are streaming, the Fortnite Scout layer is going to update your stats every three minutes. The actual data refresh times might vary slightly depending on Fortnite’s own update speeds.
  • The overlays that track data per streaming session is going to reset if the session ends. Everthings are going to work fine in their testing under the default environment. But, you have to know that any settings you apply are going to break the browser session (restarting OBS/ Xsplit, or forcing layers to deactivate once invisible) is going to cause those overlays to start over.
  • Usually, the users will report that the overlay may not work with the deprecated OBS Classic because the software not supporting Javascript or CSS fully. In this case, you have to consider using OBS Studio instead with its modern, built-in Browser Source layer.

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