Fortnite Stone Head Statue Location: Where to Find All Stone Heads

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The players of Fortnite are more than halfway through Season 10, as the developer Epic Games is calling it. Apparently, this Season 10 has created some significant changes to how challenges are structured, but the main thing is that the holders of Fortnite: Battle Pass get access to some exclusive missions. You may will need some help with at least a few of them.

One of this season’s Road Trip challenges will give you a task to visit three different locations around the island. Those three locations are a Drift-painted Durr Burger Head, a dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue. When you open this page, you may hope to know the information about the location of Fortnite Stone Head Statue so that you are able to find all stone heads. From this article, you are able to get the information you need. Even, in this article, we are going also to inform you two other locations; a Drift-painted Durr Burger Head and a dinosaur. If you want to find out that information, so you do not be hesitate to keep staying on this page.

When you are not sure of where to find these locations, here we have put together a guide of their locations. You are able also to find other tips and guides for this season’s trickier missions in our website.


The challenge required to visit each one. You have to know that the Fortnite Durrr Burger Head, Dinosaur and Stone Head Statue locations are:

  • East of Pleasant Park
  • South of Paradise Palms
  • North of the frozen lake

You are able to visit any of the locations above with the Catalyst outfit. it is available when you buy the Battle Pass to get started.


You have to remember that the Durrr Burger Head location is found east of Pleasant Park. Specifically, it is on top of a hill in map quadrant D3. You need to get close and the Challenge step is going to unlock.


You are able to find the Dinosaur location south of Paradise Palms. Specifically, it is in the bend in the road which runs through the desert, in-between two large mountains on the corner, at map quadrant I9. There you are going to see some dinosaurs, but getting close to the group is going to see the Challenge step unlock.


You will be able to find the Stone Head location north of the frozen lake. Apparently, it is just to the north west of the lake in map quadrant C6. Now, you do not be confuse to find all stone heads, just go to north of the frozen lake.

As previously mentioned, this challenge simply involves visiting the three specified locations;  Durr burger head, a dinosaur, and Fortnite stone head statue. You are able to go to these in any order, so this task should be easy enough to complete when you know where to look.

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