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Getting attention to your Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, or any gaming channel can be really difficult, over a third of streaming hours of these platforms go to only the most well-known, big name streamers. But there are a few ways for you to bring new people to your streaming channels can be great tools in order to increase the audience.

On the popular platform called Youtube in particular, you will see massively popular videos from Fortnite streamers. All of them use a familiar style of thumbnail image. In this page, you will be shown how to make your own custom Fortnite thumbnails for Youtube or Twitch, all totally for free and online. Here is how everything is done.

The first step is to choose a thumbnail template or start from scratch. The thumbnail images of Fortnite can be complex, and putting one together from scratch can take time. You can save the trouble by putting together four different thumbnail templates. All that you have to do is to click Make It to edit one of the templates in the Studio by replacing, editing, repositioning, or adding layers to the thumbnail template.

For those who already have images that you want to use saved on the device, or you want to use certain images from the internet, you are able to start with a blank canvas. Please go to the official website of Kapwing and click Start Editing to go to the Kapwing Studio. There, you are able to upload a file from your device or paste the link from the web, or you are able to click Start with a Blank Canvas if you want to start completely from scratch. Then, click 16:9 under Output Size in the upper right corner. Apparently, that one is the default thumbnail size for Youtube and Twitch videos, and you are ready to start creating your Fortnite thumbnail.

The second step is to modify text, images, and background. The aim of the Fortnite thumbnail is to grab the attention of the viewers so that they will lick it. you can try to use types of attention-grabbing phrases and screenshots for the thumbnail’s added text and background image. It is true that the templates are good for unspecific but high quality thumbnail images, but it is even better to replace these pictures with a personal choice or custom screenshot to show your audience what they can expect.

The third step is to process, download, and share. Once you are done creating and customizing your Fortnite thumbnail image, please click Publish in the upper right corner of the Studio. By doing that, Kapwing will start processing your image. The process should take less than a second. After that, click Download from the right side of the screen. Now it is time for you to share your thumbnail and video. For those who want to publish your video on Youtube, you will see the thumbnail options in the Upload Video window. Please click the button that says Upload Thumbnail to the left of the tree preset thumbnail options.

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