Fortnite Stuck at Checking for Updates

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You probably get the Fortnite stuck on checking for updates, don’t you? Of course, you are not alone, however, many other Fortnite players have the same problem too when they’re accessing the Fortnite. Then, do you know why it happens?

In the gaming industry, updating is such a necessary thing to maintain the game system to keep performing well. By updating the game system, of course, it can improve the performance of the game and avoid too many bugs within the game.

When updating is the most important thing in a game, it surely causes some big effects to the players in which it becomes stuck after downloading for new updates. Generally, the update is only stuck in appearance. It means that the Fortnite players just cannot see what ‘s happening because of some issues that cause the progress bar to freeze at all.

But, you do not have to worry about this issue. However, Epic Games has acknowledged the issues and provided an official workaround while inconvenient. Of course, it allows the players to get back into the game despite the issue. In this case, the players will have to use this workaround until Epic Games is able to drive away a bug and push the fix out.

Generally, the issue at checking updates that makes the player stuck to get Fortnite appears on some devices or platforms as you are using to play Fortnite. Certainly, it totally impacts the player when they download the new version of Fortnite update released earlier today.

In fact, when Epic Games added new patch notes to Fortnite, it automatically caused some issues to happen within. Well, if you are a veteran Fortnite player, you shouldn’t be weird anymore if you get the Fortnite stuck at checking for updates. Then, you may already understand how to fix this issue when it happens in Fortnite. Right?

But evidently, not all Fortnite players really know of how to fix the issue of Fortnite updates. Many of them are really getting confused to fix this issue. Even though they are looking for ways, still they cannot fix the issue well.

Then, how to fix the issue of Fortnite stuck at checking for updates?

As we have explained above the Fortnite stuck issue is totally caused by new Fortnite updates. Then, the issue will be ended when the updates are finally done. Of course, we emphasize that you can fix the issue at least if you are patient and wait the updates until finish.

Well, it means that the main essential and easy thing that you can do to fix the issue is just to wait the progress for Fortnite updates.

Then, the simplest solution that you can take is to leave the app open and running for about 10 minutes while you are downloading and installing it.

How long the time that you will need is depending on your internet connection and the devices you are using. Generally, the new updates will take about 10 minutes or much longer.

Need to know when the update is downloaded and installed, the Fortnite game automatically will load like usual and anything will work back as expected.

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