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Fortnite offers the free Cuddle Hearts Warp for everyone who uses the Creator Code through February 22. Creator Code Fortnite list if the name of the official list that kept updated by Epic Games of Creator Codes fans are able to use o support their favorite Fortnite content creator. Aside from that, the codes will also grant players and exclusive Cuddle Hearts Wrap for free in Fortnite.

The list of the Creator Codes is able to be found on the official website of Epic Games. all the players are able to easily search for their favorite content creator, such as various streamers or the other notable names in the community who provide content for fans, and find the certain creator’s code. By using this kind of code in game, the portion of sales will also go toward the content creator at no extra cost to the fan.

In this page, you will see a list of popular Fortnite Creator Code. Here is the list of 15 popular streamers and esports athletes most hardcode fans have heard of. By entering any of these codes regardless of purchase, it will unlock the Cuddle Hearts Wrap.

  1. Tfue – Tfue
  2. Cloak: fazecloak
  3. NICKMERCCS: nickmercs
  4. Ninja: Ninja
  5. dakotaz: DAKOTAZ
  6. Daequan: tsm_daequan
  7. Myth: Myth
  8. HighDistortion: HighDistortion
  9. SypherPK: SypherPK
  10. Cizzorz: Cizz
  11. Chap: Chap
  12. Nate Hill: Nate
  13. 72hrs: 72hrs
  14. Symfuhny: SYMFUHNY
  15. Poach: poach

In order to enter the code, the first thing that you have to do is to open up Fortnite and scroll over to the Item Shop. You need to press the designated button to Support a Creator located in the bottom right of the store page. On PlayStation 4, it is square as on Xbox, it is X. Then, enter in the code from the above list. Please keep in mind that the results are case sensitive. You are also able to view a list of approved creators by pressing a button as well. After the code is entered, now everything you purchase takes the advantage of that code. Remember that this code may reset after 14 days, so you might need to enter it again after. You will know you have done it correctly when the name appears under Creator Supported directly above the Daily Items section.

In the end, the Cuddle Hearth Wrap will be delivered to all applicable players following the release of the upcoming v7.40 update whether you purchase with the code or not. Actually, the release date for the update has not been formally announced, but t will likely be Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week.

Apparently, Fortniote is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile. As for the Cuddle Hearth Wrap, it will be available on all platforms. Do not forget that the promotion is available until February 22. If you need more information about Fortnite Support a creator code list, it is better for you to visit the community.

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