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Are you ready to welcome the Fortnite Switch Cup Japan in this year? However, this cup can be a hottest Fortnite event which will attract many people around the world, not just for Asia. To have an attendance in this event, of course, you need to prepare a lot wither following the event or just watching it.

Fortnite Japan Cup especially brings in Switch as event. Certainly, it can be advantage for Nintendo Switch players to follow the event. However, by playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, definitely they have mastered a lot to have a battle. But, it is not easy as well. Of course, the Japan Switch Cup will be held by many best professional Fortnite players.

For some time ago, Nintendo Switch has become a popular and much played by gamers. It is because Nintendo Switch is practically used to play any online games. This device is fully-featured for home and on the go gaming. Besides, it is also easy to carry and hold wherever you go. So, it is no wonder if almost gamers prefer this device than others as practicality.

For that reason, Epic Games brings the Switch for holding an event. Last year, the Switch Japan Cup event had positive welcome from many parties both of players, committee and audiences.  Most of them believed that this event can help many players to know his skill in Fortnite. Besides, they wanted that this event should be held for every year.

Certainly, it has been considered by Epic Games in which this Switch Japan Cup has a plan to hold every year but for the time and schedule is still a conversation. Although lots of people are asking the question to Epic Games related to the time for Fortnite Switch Japan Cup, but there is no real decision from Epic Games that tell about the exact time of Switch Japan Cup for this year. So, the main thing that we have to do is to wait Epic Games announcing the time as well.

Of course, it is so better for you to learn and pay attention for the result of Fortnite Switch Japan Cup last year. However, it can be a chance for you to practice a lot and fight to chase after the winner involved in rank of Top 10.

To see the result of last Fortnite Switch Japan Cup, here are they:

Session 2 Leaderboard For Asia

Rank Player Points Matches Wins Avg. Elims Elims
#1 れもんもんもんもんもん 99

(Top 0,001%)

12 2 4.17 50

(Top 0,001%)

10 3 3.30 33
#3 LQ. Yutera 91

(Top 0,002%)

12 3 2.83 34
4 Myryyx2 91

Top 0,003%)

10 1 5.20 52
5 Unknown 90

(Top 0,004%)

10 1 3.90 39
6 Yatsu0082 89

(Top 0,004%)

17 1 3.29 56

For about the Fortnite Switch Cup Japan Times, we have a reference for last year in which the Fortnite Switch Japan Cup was just held one time in a year. So, we can guess that the Fortnite Switch Japan Cup in this year will be one time. But the schedule and exact time, we cannot give you the right information. Please be patient!!!

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