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After the Fortnite World Cup has finished, you surely want to know the placement rating for each category. However, by knowing the rating of Fortnite World Cup, you already have a reference for the next Fortnite World Cup.

The Fortnite World Cup ended with a 16 years old teenager becoming the winner. Teenager got a reward of about $3 Million in the Fortnite World Cup. Who is the winner of the Fortnite World Cup in 2019?

The Fortnite World Cup has just finished, leaving behind a number of memorable actions from unexpected players. The very popular Battle Royale game has become a place to gain achievements for many young people from various parts of the world, even those who are still young.

Epic Games as the developer of Fortnite organizes competitions in four categories. The two main categories are Solo and Duos, plus two side categories namely Pro-Am and Creative.

The champion in the Solo category is Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, a 16 year old teenager from the United States. With this performance, Bugha is entitled to bring home a prize worth US $ 3 million.

Well, just knowing about the winner in one category is seemingly not enough for you. The Fortnite World Cup has many categories with each point and prize, so knowing for each category is really a must for you.

The Fortnite Teen rating definitely refers to the rating which Bugha reached in the Fortnite World Cup one year ago. Besides knowing Bugha is a Fortnite World Cup winner, you also have to know the Bugha rating in his category.

In this chance, we also are going to show you the rating and placement for each category in the Fortnite World Cup.

Fortnite Solos World Cup Rating

Place Team Points Prize Money
1st Bugha 59 $3,000,000
2nd psalm 33 $1,800,000
3rd EpikWhale 32 $1,200,000
4th Kreo 30 $1,050,000
5th KING 30 $900,000
6th Crue 27 $600,000
7th Skite 26 $525,000
8th Nayte 26 $375,000
9th Riversan 24 $300,000
10th Fatch 24 $225,000

 Fortnite Duos World Cup Rating

Place Team Points Prize money
1st Nyhrox + aqua 51 $3,000,000
2nd Rojo + Wolfiez 47 $2,250,000
3rd Elevate + Ceice 45 $1,800,000
4th Saf + Zayt 44 $1,500,000
5th Arkhram1x + Falconer 44 $900,000
6th Mongraal + Mitr0 40 $450,000
7th Megga + Dubs 38 $375,000
8th Derox + itemm 36 $375,000
9th Zexrow + Vinny1x 35 $225,000
10th Vato + Skite 31 $225,000

 Fortnite Creative Cup Rating

Place Team Prize money
1st Fish Fam $1,345,000
2nd Funky Fighters $345,000
3rd Ravens’ Revenge $315,000
4th Lil Whip Warriors $295,000
5th Chicken Champions $270,000
6th Llama Record Co. $250,000
7th Sunshine Soldiers $235,000
8th Cuddle Crew $195,000

 Fortnite Pro-Am Cup Rating

Place Team Points Prize money
1st Airwaks + RL GRIME 52 $1,000,000
2nd SinOoh + Oking 40 $500,000
3rd Jelty + Gaborever 39 $250,000
4th Jacob + Clare Grant 35 $100,000
5th Tfue + Nav
35 $85,000
6th JT Brown + Marksman 33 $75,000
7th Vinnie Pergola + Symfuhny 31 $65,000
8th Sean O’Malley + CouRageJD 30 $55,000
9th Witt Lowry + Cloak 31 $40,000
10th NICKMERCS + Mario Hezonja 10th NICKMERCS + Mario Hezonja


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