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What’s new in Fortnite today?

As Fortnite news leaks from Twitter, Epic Games has stated something shocking that makes most people assume about it. Within a tweet, the developer of Fortnite will be launching for a smartest Fortnite project ever. This project is called Time Machine that can bring the players to an experience already in an old version of Fortnite island or map that had ever followed by the players.

So, the tweet @FortniteGame published on July 28, 2019 makes the Fortnite fans in shock. Most fans guess that the old version of Fortnite through the Time Machine project will give them back to connect to the shining sphere, that’s in Loot lake.

Based on the Fortnite majority, the project might be the best-anticipated update in terms of the content in a while. Of course, we have to wait for more information to be discovered in the coming period that is probably going to be very soon.

If you come to this page to get the Fortnite time machine code, of course, you cannot get it. It is because this project may be the next theme of the coming season as judged by Epic Games knowledge. So, stay tuned to know that there are a lot more to happen.

Well, for the first time, the time machine project was introduced by a group of people who are capable in any games development. They showed their project of the time machine through their official twitter @FNBRUnreleased. The people within this project are AthenaBigBoi, Cyuubi, kann3r, crusherrrz, astupidslushie,nostamiccc, and pivotman3191.

Well, until now, the time machine project is still in the development phase. Of course, the creators of the time machine presented a lot of things but there are still more important things they want to show before it releases.

There are main things that this project is about. They are:

  • On the house weapon and loot chests, the capability of destroying stuff, building any objects and others in game is still trying to get working better.
  • On its download system, the creators still consider a lot to launch this project on some platforms or only one platform. Then, this time machine project also will be paid, free trial even for free. This is such a confusing consideration because this time machine project is illegal. So, it is totally not kind if the creator will get paid from this project. It is an unfair way and makes the Fortnite developer lose.

Well, those can be the reason why the creator of the time machine project still does not launch the project yet because of any problems within.

The time machine project still progressed by a group of people evidently it seems to lead Epic games, as Fortnite developers to take a consideration about it. Remembering as one of the hottest games in the world, Epic Games do not want to make a bad image among the players.

In fact, there are many Fortnite players either veteran players or newcomers who want to bring Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1 back completed with an old map within the game.

However, a group of people who are creating a time machine project will not get more because if it launches, the project can be illegal at all.

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