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If you are looking for the Fortnite tracker for Fortnite username, your best option is Fortnite Stats. Do you want to know more about Fortnite Stats? Please keep reading the article until the very last word.

Fortnite Stats is known as a player statistics tracker for the well-known battle royale game. You are able to search any player by Epic Games username and see their kill count, win or death ratio, total matches played and the other interesting stats on Fortnite. Everything on it is sourced directly from the API of Epic Games, so it is always up to date. At the moment they support the available PC, PS4 and Xbox platforms. As for iOS and Android, all of them will be added as soon as the stats are released to the third parties.

Aside from that, Fortnite Stats also tracks Fortnite leaderboards to see who has the most wins or kills, and so on. By default the players are ranked by their overall wins, but there are some other ways to sort the stats and see the top players on different metrics. For instance, you are able to see who has the highest solo win rate on PC by choosing Solo, K/D Ration and PC.

Furthermore, all the player performance are able to be measured best by looking at their win rate or K/D ration on different game modes. Please take a note that it is much more likely to have higher stats on squad or duo modes than it is solo. Basically, good team play eliminates the luck involved, so do not compare apples to oranges.

Here are some of the examples of some popular usernames and ther stats on Fortnite tracker named Fortnite Stats:

  1. MrDoom

K/D: 9.09

Kills: 54,458

Wins: 10,410

Matches: 16,398

Winrate: 63,48%

Score: 6,287,449

  1. Code-MrDoom

K/D: 9.12

Kills: 54,062

Wins: 10,371

Matches: 16,300

Winrate: 63.63%

Score: 6,241,190

  1. Code MrDoom

K/D: 9.07

Kills: 53,486

Wins: 10,297

Matches: 16,197

Winrate: 63.57%

Score: 6,177,624

  1. FTW.EVO Kayn

K/D: 5.70

Kills: 50,666

Wins: 7,746

Matches: 16,630

Winrate: 46.58%

Score: 5,772,668

  1. Ranger on wiifit

K/D: 8.74

Kills: 151,710

Wins: 7,575

Matches: 24,933

Winrate: 30.38%

Score: 9,104,989

  1. Twitch.GryphonRB

K/D: 9.37

Kills: 88,822

Wins: 7,423

Matches: 16,907

Winrate: 43.90%

Score: 6,941,329

  1. Youtube Ahxilus

K/D: 4.58

Kills: 35,077

Wins: 7,292

Matches: 14,951

Winrate: 48.77%

Score: 4,316,003

  1. Ninja

K/D: 10.04

Kills: 128,590

Wins: 7,215

Matches: 20,017

Winrate: 36.04%

Score: 7,878,052

  1. nixxxay is sad

K/D: 8.61

Kills: 182,106

Wins: 6,657

Matches: 27,803

Winrate: 23.94%

Score: 8,859,650

  1. XoProGamer69oX

K/D: 8.61

Kills: 181,108

Wins: 6,612

Matches: 27,641

Winrate: 23.92%

Score: 8,803,834

For more information about a Fortnite tracker called Fortnite Stats, do not forget to visit its official website. Can can try to contact the site if you have something to ask. In addition, feel free to visit the community of Fortnite and discuss with the members of the community if you have something to discuss about anything such as Fortnite Stats.

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