Fortnite Update 2.75 Patch Notes

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What’s new in Fortnite today?

Of course, we really know that Fortnite always keeps updating for new features to maintain and fix the Fortnite system. So, it’s no strange anymore when Epic Games regularly released the new patch notes that contain the improvement of the Fortnite gaming system, the new awesome features and also the system to fix any issues that may often happen in Fortnite.

In fact, the patch notes work to make the gaming system to be better performance. So as with Fortnite, the new patch notes released by Epic Games definitely will make the gaming system and features running better and smoother without many issues happen.

Need to know that each patch notes released have different features and also the system. So, that’s why Fortnite keeps updating for the new patch notes to get the great one.

Well, as one of the hottest games in the world, it leads Fortnite to have the best of the best performance not inferior to the competitors. That can be the reason why Fortnite always keeps updating to launch the new patch notes that contain any excellent additional features from the older version.

Today, Fortnite has released the patch notes which have the adorable features in each update.

A new Fortnite maintenance update is 2.75 patch notes. The Fortnite update 2.75 patch notes now can be downloaded and installed on your devices. Then, the total of size is around 474 MB depending on your platform. It is because every platform takes a different size in download.

This 2.75 patch notes has been released on June 23, 2020 for Chapter 2 Season 3.

Then, what can you improve for Fortnite with this patch notes?

Of course, this 2.75 patch notes provides some improvement for Fortnite. Here are some issues that often happen in Fortnite:

Known Fortnite Issues


  • Shadows are darker than Fortnite fans’ expectation

The shadow display set at a high contrast and most textures come as black color.

  • Mobile swipe-up feature probably close app on players

The swipe-up feature especially in iOS has been reported to be interfering with buttons. It is near the bottom of the screen or closing the app on players.

  • The new landmark text may appear multiple times when players are exploring the new locations.

Then, the NEW LANDMARK text probably appears multiple times when the player is discovering a new location on Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Battle Royale

  • The hit indicator shows the wrong direction.

The damage/hit indicator sometimes shows to be coming from the wrong direction than the source of the damage.

Then, the Fortnite patch notes 2.75 come to improve the stability fixes of Fortnite. This new Fortnite patch notes adds many new features with a new Battle Pass with a huge batch of fresh rewards. Definitely, it includes a shocking Aquaman skin completed with weekly challenges to unlock a new variants skin.

Well, to download this new patch notes, make sure that you already clear out your space because this new patch notes will take your space up a lot.

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