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As Fortnite player, definitely you already understand that v-buck is really crucial. By v-bucks, actually you get the freedom to use it for any purposes related to Fortninte. Without v-bucks, automatically you cannot do anything. It means that Fortnite always related to v-bucks. So, do you know the Fortnite v-bucks price?

We can say that Fortnite is a big deal in the gaming industry right now. However, this is now available across all platforms. The Fortnite sweeps in over $100 million on monthly as reported by Forbes. Indeed, by joining Fortnite, you have to get ready in which you will spend your money as much as possible. Don’t you believe?

For newcomers of Fortnite, they probably do not know yet how importance of v-bucks. Even though, by v-bucks, they will get anything. We can say that Fortnite is v-bucks. It is because you cannot really play Fortnite at all without v-bucks. So, what is the real of v-bucks on Fortnite? V-bucks are the Fortnite currency. You can use v-bucks for both Battle Royale mode and also Save The World.

V-bucks are really needed by every Fortnite player. However, v-bucks are used to purchase the Battle Pass including banner icons, emotes, skins, sprays, toys, pickaxe, pets, music packs, and also wraps. In Battle Royale, you can spend v-bucks to get Heroes, gliders or pickaxe. Besides, for Save The World, you can buy Llama Pinata card packs that contain trap, gadget schematic, and weapon.

Then, how to get v-bucks? Certainly, the instant legally way to get v-bucks is by purchasing v-bucks with real money that you can find on Epic Game shop. You have to know that you can purchase the smallest amount of v-bucks is 1,000 for $10. It is the smallest amount v-bucks that you can buy. If you are so interested to purchase v-bucks with real money for Fortnite, here are the pricing levels for purchasing v-bucks in USD:

  • 1,000 v-bucks for $9.99
  • 2,800 v-bucks for $24.99
  • 5,000 v-bucks for $39.99
  • 10,000 v-bucks for $99.99

You must know that the v-bucks you purchase on a certain platform will stay with that platform. So, if you have purchased 1,000 v-bucks on Xbox One, automatically, you will not see it on Fortnite mobile and vice versa.

But, if you have spent v-bucks on items, definitely you can access them on all platforms that you play. Because of Epic Game did not launch the Fortnite on Google Play Store, actually, you need to authorize the payment through another method. So, you cannot use any Google Play credit to purchase v-bucks.

Then, should you buy v-bucks? Absolutely, the answer is yes. However, you should invest in v-bucks if you are a veteran Fortnite player and you have chosen to play Fortnite across multiple platforms. We suggest to you that a Battle Pass is a good place to start playing. It is because Battle pass is suitable for every thriftier player.

Well, it is your turn to get started purchasing the v-bucks. Make sure that you choose the amount of v-bucks as you can to buy. Good Luck, Dude!!!

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