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Which makes Fortnite really interesting to play is in the challenges offered to the player. Indeed, Fortnite always offers any excellent but fun challenges to the players. Generally, those challenges will give you any rewards if you successfully complete it.

Then, what is the Fortnite challenge which is really inviting you to play now?

Since you are playing Fortnite, you might often have completed any Fortnite challenges to get any rewards. However, it is a normal deed that you have to do in Fortnite. Indeed, Fortnite is full of the challenges which should be completed by the players.

Well, Fortnite’s Overtime challenges will be still running for the next few weeks. So, if you want to get rewards and increase your skill in completing some Fortnite challenges, keep staying to know the new Fortnite challenges is really a must.

Have you ever completed the Fortnite challenges to visit a lonely recliner, radio station and an outdoor movie theater. In fact, this is a great challenge that you can complete in Fortnite. Unfortunately, not all players successfully complete this challenge because most players do not know the location of those places at all.

But, you do not have to worry. We are here to guide you find those locations.

As ever, those locations are likely to get quite busy. So, trying to land there first or grab a weapon before heading out is totally recommended for you in this challenge. Once you reach each location, you certainly can use a Fortnite emote as you love or hang around for a few seconds until it registers as complete.

Here is each location of this challenges that you have to find:

  • The Lonely Recliner

The first location in this challenge can be found on the mountaintop on the hill west of Dirty Docks.

  • The Radio Station

As we know that Epic Games has added the radio to the Fortnite cars. Of course, finding the location of the radio station is a must for you. Finally, the radio station becomes one of the locations as part of this challenge. So, you can find the radio station in the hills between Steamy Stacks and Craggy Cliffs, on a hill.

  • The Outdoor Movie Theater

The last location that you have to visit is an outdoor movie theater. This location can be found just west of Frenzy Farms.

But, if you prefer to use map-coordinates, you can find them by:

  • G4 – Lonely Recliner (Chair)
  • F2 – Radio Station (FN Radio)
  • E3/4 – Outdoor Movie Theater (Risky Reels)

Certainly, the Overtime Fortnite Challenges just keep coming with any new skins and also cosmetics to be earned along the way. Besides, by completing this challenge, you will have a chance to visit three points of interest around the map.

So, it is a good time for you to go on another sightseeing tour around the island by completing this awesome challenge. Make sure that you already learn each location of this challenge in order to make them easier to find in Fortnite. Good Luck, Dude!!!

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