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Apparently, Fortnite Week 8 Loading Screen challenge for Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 10 Week 8 is much greater than usual. It is because this week’s limited-time mission set that released Thursday morning, is at least vaguely Batman themed. While the mission is technically named “Gothic” the Gothic city that the loading screen teases looks suspiciously like Gotham.

Previous leaks connected this loading screen to a Batman Grapnel gun, a Batarang, and other cosmetics that might include a bonafide Batman outfit. But, none of the Gothic challenges are explicitly Batman related. Instead, they are this:

  • Dealing damage to enemies in a single match.
  • Landing at Salty Springs or Junk Junction in different matches.
  • Suppressed weapon Eliminations
  • Search and find an Ammo Box in different named locations in a single match.
  • Search the Chests at Hot Spots.
  • Deal all damage with SMGs to the enemies.
  • Visit retail row in the same match, then block it.

Per usual, this limited-time mission is going to only be around for a week, with new challenges released daily. When the players complete three of these challenges, so they will be able to unlock the Gotham-esque loading screen. The scene in question is of a Gotham Gothic city that rumored to soon replace “Tilted” in a brand new Rift Zone. Etched into the side of a gargoyle are coordinates: G2, G3, H2, H3. For your information, these coordinates in turn leading to a location north of the volcano exactly at south of the hot springs where usually there is a collection of volcano vents. Next, the secret battle star must materialize at the top a strange-looking pile of brown rocks.

Like all loading screen challenges, this one is only going to be available until “Gothic” ends at the start of the next weekly reset on Thursday. Then, the earliest that the players are able to  complete enough challenges to unlock the loading screen. Therefore, access the battle star is Saturday once the third challenge unlocks around 9 a.m. That also happens to fall on September 21 that Batman Day and the rumored start time of this Fortnite x Batman event everyone is talking about. Of course, this will make for an exciting weekend in Fortnite.

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