Fortnite: Where to Search Ammo Boxes at the Workshop, Shiver Inn, or Ice Throne

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The event called Winterfest is still ongoing in Fortnite and with that comes multiple challenges over the last couple weeks. Now with the event getting near the end in a few days, the final one was made available. The challenge tasked the players of Fortnite to search ammo boxes at specific locations and in this page you will be able to see the detail where you can find them.

Once again, the final challenge that has been added to Fortnite as part of Winterfest asks the players to search ammo boxes at the Workshop, Shiver Inn, or Ice Throne. In fact, both Shiver Inn and the Ice Throne are brand new additions to the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 map, but the Workshop is just another landmark that has been repurposed for Santa and his elves. In specific,the game asks you to do this twice, that you may be able to find in one trip to either of the three locations of have to try out a second or the same location again in the next match.

As stated before, the three locations that you are able to choose from to visit there are the Workshop, the Shiver Inn, or the Ice Throne. The Ice Throne is able to be found in the northwestern quadrant of the map, just north of Pleasant Park in what is essentially the most northern island on the map. This one is very easy to find once you get near it as it is literally a giant throne made of ice in the middle of nowhere. It is a huge throne made out of ice that you cannot miss. You need to go down inside the throne and find a couple of ammo boxes and chests there, but it is pretty sparse other than that.

For those who are looking for the alternative way, you have two options with the Workshop and Shiver Inn. The first one is able to be found in the southwest quadrant of the map just to the southwest of Weeping Woods and south of Holly Hedges. This one is the best place to harvest wood on the map as you are able to quickly amass hundreds of units of wood by harvesting the stacks of lumber. The second one is able to be found in the southeast quadrant of the map south of Retail Row.

It does not matter of which of the three locations between the Workshop, the Shiver Inn, or the Ice Throne to search for ammo boxes you attempt to go to, the main goal that you should set is to be fast and get the ammo boxes before you run into any trouble in the game and you will pretty quickly have the last of the daily challenges for Winterfest complete. For those who are having a hard time to locate the Workshop, the Shiver Inn, and the Ice Throne, it is better for you to see the map.

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