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Streamlabs is a technology startup based in San Francisco that allowing live streamers to engage with the viewers, grow their channels and monetize their broadcasts. When you are at this page, you may be interested to know more about Streamlabs Win Counter. If so, just continue to read this entire article.


You have to note that Streamlabs OBS is a free reliable streaming app with the fastest set up process on the market. The creator have already developed an all-in-one application that making streaming easy for everyone. The Streamlabs OBS is going to provide you the best streaming experience with the tools built to engage, grow, and monetize your beloved channel, whether you are a novice streamer or experienced streamer.


  • At the first step, you are able to go to the site of Streamlabs OBS. Or simply, you are able to visit this link;
  • After you reach at that page, there you will be able to see “Download Streamlabs Obs” button. The size is 206 MB and it is free to download.
  • Just click at “Download Streamlabs Obs” button to start download.
  • Please make sure that you download it completely.
  • After that, you are able to install it.
  • Then, you are able to run it.


After you have already downloaded Streamlabs OBS, now time is for you to use it. Set up it, and go live in seconds.

  • At the first step, you are able to log in with any streaming platform.
  • Then, automatically they are going to optimize all of your settings.
  • After that, you are able to personalize and go live.

Apparently, there are many reasons why you have to choose Streamlabs OBS.

  • Unique themes

Based on the research, there are over 300 themes available for free in Streamlabs obs.

  • Integrated chat

You are able to keep track of all the chatter in your stream. Aside from that, you are able also to view your chat directly in Streamlabs obs.

  • Low CPU usage

You have to note that Streamlabs obs keeps your cpu usage to a minimum. Automatically, they are going to scan your internet speed and computer hardware for giving you the best settings for your particular set.

  • Customizable alerts

You are able to custom your alerts. It means that you allow to customize the layout, animation, message, text, image and more.

  • Engaging widget

Over a dozen engaging widgets designed for increasing the viewer participation and improve monetization.

  • Tweet when going live

You are going to automate the go live process, so you are able to focus on streaming. Now, you are able to automatically tweet when you start a broadcast to make sure the viewers never miss your stream.

Well, this is what we want to tell for you regarding Fortnite Win Counter for Streamlabs. If you have any question related Streamlabs Win Counter, just comment in the section below.

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