Fortnite Winterfest: How to Dance at Holiday Trees

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In Fortnite: Battle Royale, there is an event named Winterfest which is similar to 14 Days Of Fortnite. The event lasts from December 18th, 2019 to January 2nd, 2020. Apparently, the event added a new tab where you are able to go to the Winterfest Cabin. In addition to challenges, now you are able to open up a free present in the Winterfest Cabin each day. In total, you are able to earn up to 2 skins, 3 gliders, 3 harvesting tools, 2 emotes, 2 Music packs, 4 banners, 1 Emoticon, 3 Wraps, 2 Sprays, 4 Back Blings, 2 Contrails, and 3 Loading Screens, adding up to 30 rewards.

The Winterfest Challenges for Fortnite have been rolling out during this festive time of year that allowing the builders a chance to unlock extra cosmetics and experience. On top of the 14 Days of gifts that the players are receiving from Epic Games, there is still so much more to collect and play with. If you want to complete this most recent challenge, so you have to dance at five out of the six trees located around the map. Please break out your T-Pose and emote wheel at these locales, and finally you are going to complete the challenge.

You have to know that the event lasts until January 6 which should give you lots of time to dance if you want. There are other challenges including stoking campfires and dealing damage with lumps of coal which is enough easy. As the week goes on, more of these challenges are going to unlock if you have an itch to finish them. Here is where you need to go in order to succeed at the Fortnite Winterfest.



At the center of town in Pleasant Park, you are going to find a giant oak tree for you to hide gifts under. It is pretty hard to miss, just like most of the constructed, lumbering trees on this list.


South of the tiny suburban neighborhood, you will be able to find your tree. If you want to hit all the trees in only a few games, landing here is not a bad option, since there are a large amount of items around for you to build up your arsenal.


On the north side of Holly Hedges, you will be able to find the tree you are looking for. It is a bit hard to spot from the sky, but that should not deter you from landing.


Among the small red houses, you will be able to find this tree waiting near the river.


In this ice-born tundra, even the Grinch cannot steal the Christmas. You are able to find the giant tree is looming over the area that located in the upper right area.

Well, the text above is a list of place that you need to go in order to succeed at the Fortnite Winterfest.

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