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In Fortnite Season 4, you may wonder where the location is to find the Wolverine boss. However, finding Wolverine’s boss in this challenge is such a hardest way among other bosses after Doctor Doom and Iron Man. But, finding the location of Wolverine boss in this season is totally a must for you.

Wolverine is the third boss that has been added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. As its releases, Wolverine is coming to the game to offer any challenges that should be completed by the players. Wolverine in Fortnite is such a new-breakthrough in which your Fortnite character will fight with him as the challenge.

Known, Wolverine spawns in a random spot in Fortnite island. There is no exact spot that will inform you where Wolverine spawns in Fortnite. But, the one clue that will ease you finding him is that Wolverine spawns in Weeping Woods.

As we know that Weeping Woods is a large area named Point Of Interest added to the map in Chapter 2 Season 1. So, it may take much time to explore the Weeping Woods location to find Wolverine. Even Wolverine boss can spawn anywhere in the vicinity of Weeping Woods.

Wolverine Boss Location

As we have explained above, Wolverine’s boss spawn in Weeping Woods. So, the main job that you need to do is to explore every corner in every area of Weeping Woods.

To find Wolverine boss, you definitely can head over to Weeping Woods or Slurpy Swamp. He actually spawns all around these areas. Then, the location varies in each round you play. Wolverine boss can even up pretty far for the south below the Slurpy Swamp location.

Once Wolverine Spawns in a spot, he will automatically start roaming around. In this step, you are able to pick up his tracks by looking for his footsteps.

Of course, for you who have still not started to complete the Wolverine Challenge, it is better for you to explore the Weeping Woods as the first spot you visit. Moreover, this challenge also allows the players to investigate mysterious claw marks. Then, the player who has not done for this challenge may keep their eyes to the marks while they are in the area.

Many players think that looking for the scratches may not be exciting as finding and taking down this new boss. Unfortunately, the player will have a chance to get Wolverine’s skin after completing all challenges of Wolverine.

Along with the addition of the Wolverine Challenge in Fortnite v14.20, there are also two updates added to the game, they are Takeover LTM and BTS Party Royale.

Takeover LTM is the third Marvel-themed limited time mode. The teams will earn points by capturing outposts and then holding on to them. It’s similar to a Domination mode.

Meanwhile, BTS Party Royale is a big event that will be held in Fortnite on Friday September 25, 2020 at 8 PM ET. The wild popular Korean Boyband, BTS will perform their songs “Dynamite” in Party Royale.

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