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The winners of the event called Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers are being announced. All the players who got the top spots of the weekly competition in their respective regions and are now able to sit back and enjoy the taste of victory and their share of the $1 million prize pool.

All the players who fans will see playing live in the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City from July 26 to 28, competing for the share of lion of a $30 million prize pool. Some of the players might be able to qualify for both the Solo and Duo competitions that will be happening during the event, so all the fans might see a qualified player still competing for a spot in another mode in a following week of the Open Qualifiers.

With weeks one and two over in the few regions, here is the list of the players who have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals in both Solo and Duos competitions.

Duos Finals (Week 10: June 20 to 21)

Duos Region
BES Serpennt and BES hype Oceania
triggerQQ Flame and TriggerQQ Uniq Asia
Wolfiez and Rojo Europe
LeStreamSkite and LeStream Vato Europe
FaZe Vorwenn and Atlantis Tuckz Europe
Klusiabtw and SNG Th0masHD Europe
Xown iwnl- and 9z king Brazil
Slackes and KeysFN North America East
TSM_Zexrow and TSM.Vinny1x North America East
Calculator and coL MAckWood North America East
KNG EpikWhale and 4DRStorm North America West

Solo Finals (Week 9: June 8 to 9)

Player Region
rona season. Oceania
Maufin xd Asia
Xypher Endretta Europe
VHV Crue Europe
LeStream Skite Europe
LYGHT Europe
Secret_Mongraal Europe
Emqu Europe
dMIND.teeq Europe
LeSteram Blaxou Europe
Clipnode Brazil
Kawzmik North America East
Touzii North America East
Legedien North America East
CODE SEN-Aspect North America East
Hornet North America East
LZR Kreo North America East
Arkhram1x North America East
snoirreH North America West

 Duos Finals (Week 8: June 1 to 2)

Duos Region
E11 itemm and Derox Europe
Oslo. and Not BadSniper Europe
BTL 4zr and Noward Europe
Eon RedRush and Eon znappy Europe
Bolt Tetchra and Bolt Eclipsae North America East
RoAtDW and E11 BlooTea North America East
code ronaldo and XXiF North America East
Ghost Aydan and Ghost Sean North America West

Solo Finals (Week 7: May 25 to 26)

Player Region
twins iwnl Oceania
Meta Hood.J Asia
T1 Arius iwnl Asia
aqua. Europe
G marteeneu Europe
Erouce Europe
Exalty Robabz Europe
Parabellum bro Europe
Solary Kinstaar Europe
Atlantis K1nzell Europe
Gambit.fwexY Europe
K1ng iwnl- Brazil
clarityG North America East
Reverse2k North America East
CODE-ASTONISH North America East
Thiccboy Luneze North America East North America East
NIX Fatch North America East
WBG Pika North America West
4DRStormOG North America West

Duos Finals (week 6: May 18 to 19)

Player Region
volx and Code Parpy Oceania
newbeeXXM and Newbee_xMende Asia
Solary Airwaks and Nikof Europe
Solary Hunter and Kinstaar Europe
Lnuef and Quinten Europe
VP Zssk7 and VP JAMSIDE Europe
wisheydp and GusTavox8 Brazil
100T Ceice and 100T Elevate North America East
coL Lanjok and coL Punisher North America East
FaZe Megga. And FaZe Dubs. North America East
S2 little and S2 jay North America West


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