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BenQ XL2411Z is the name of the monitor specifically manufactured for gaming or to be precise for eSports, as tagline of the monitor suggests The Ultimate eSports Experience. one of the unique features of it is that it is meant for long time gaming or binge game as the monitor makes it very comfortable to play for longer durations with the ZeroFlickr technology. This monitor has a very impressive refresh rate of 144Hz with color vibrancy.

BenQ XL2411Z has optimal esports gaming monitor,motion blur reduction for extra clarity throughout the game, the black eQualiser for total visibility, gaming refresh rate optimization management, and gaming comfort Flicker-free technology. What about the technical details of this monitor? Here is the technical details of it.

Brand name : BenQ
Item Weight : 6 Kg
Product Dimensions : 22.2 x 57 x 42.9 cm
Item model number : XL2411Z-2
Series : 9H.L9SLB.RBE
Color : Black
Screen Size : 24 inches
Screen Resolution : 1920 x 1080 pixels
Maximum Display Resolution : 1920 x 1080 pixels
Processor Brand : Intel
Processor Type : None
Number of HDMI Ports : 1
Number of VGA Ports : 1
Wattage : 36 watts
Hardware Platform : PC
Operating System : none

There are some pro Fortnite players who use the monitor called BenQ XL2411Z. Some of them are Myth, Streamer, and Stormen. Myth or Ali Kabbani is one of very popular Twitch streamers and professional Fortnite Battle Royale players. He is currently playing for Team SoloMid. After Fortnite started to gain huge popularity, he quickly increased his big fanbase even more. The player is currently considered one of the best pro Fortnite players in the world among with Ninja. Ali Kabbani or Myth was born on May 24, 1999, that means he will turn 20 this year, a young age to become the successful already. Currently, he lives in the United States with his mother. Here is the settings of BenQ XL2411Z by Myth.

  • Window Mode: Fullscreen
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 16:9
  • Frame Rate Limit: Unlimited
  • Quality:
  • 3D Resolutution: 1920 x 1080 (100.0%)
  • View Distance: Epic
  • Shadows: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: Epic
  • Textures: Medium
  • Effects: Medium
  • Post Processing: Low
  • Vsync: Off
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Show FPS: On

Stormen is the name of another Fortnite player that has been creating a buzz and curiosity among the other players. Stormen or Ludvig Storm is a part of Rogue and Steramers. He was born on March 2, 1993 and currently lives in Sweden. Here is the settings set by Stormen.

Resolution : 16:9
3D Resolution : 100%
Window Mode : Fullscreen
Frame Rate Limit : Unlimited
Shadows : Off
View Distance : Epic
Anti-aliasing : Epic
Shows FPS : On
Textures : Epic
Motion Blur : Off
Effects : Epic
Vsync : Off
Post Processing : Low

BenQ XL2411Z is packed with 240 Hz refresh date and offers the smoothest gaming experience for Fortnite players. Stormen and the other players who use it love its shield. This one helps them to be more focused on the game as it blocks out any distraction.

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