Fortnite XP Drop Location Guide: Where to Search Hidden XP Drop in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen

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Fortnite is a challenging game that we can play. There are a lot of challenges that you are able to play here. Now, you may be looking for some information about where t search hidden XP drop in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen. So here, we will try to explain it to you.

In this season, Epic have created a lot of changes with one of them being the hidden object in the weekly Loading Screens. You as a player may have been collecting the letters of Fortnite with the Loading Screes which shows the exact location. In the previous week, the last E was hidden in the Loading Screen and if you have collected all the letters, you will unlock the Mystery Skin for this season. Now, it seems as though the hidden object you will discover in the Loading Screens for the rest of the season will be XP Drops and it will help you to progress in this seasons Battle Pass.

So, what is the clue for the XP drop and the exact location? To be able to find the drop location, you will have to complete at least eight challenges of the Chaos Rising Mission. For your information that the Chaos Rising Loading Screen is given to you as Fortnite player who have complete eight challenges of the Chaos Rising Mission.

You may have obtained the letters and the Sorana skin has been unlocked as well, then you will be into the last phase of chapter 2, season 1 in Fortnite Battle Royale. Now, it is time for you to find the XP drops which server essentially the similar function as the battle stars of yore but it has different name.

Actually, it is the third secret hidden in this loading screen and it also contained coordinates for Sorana’s back bling and pickaxe. This one is a little bit more difficult to see but it is there. You have to look just to the right of the figure and then you will be able to see the sort of chevron shape. It appears to be Kevin the Cube which is the charming for much of Chapter 1 and apparent power source. There is a statue of him over by Steamy Stacks and that is where you will go.

Now, you have to go down to the power plant and discover the cube statue. The XP drop should be floating around there somewhere and we will be able to confirm if we have completed all the challenges. You need to know that it will not appear if you have not finished the requisite challenges in Chaos Rising.

For your information, Steamy Stacks is featured prominently in the challenges, so probably that is some sort of hint that Kevin has some role yet to play in the next weeks. So, you are able to try to complete the challenges now and reach what you are looking for.

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