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Do you want to get XP fast on Fortnite and are looking for Fortnite XP glitch 2020? Glitch is not allowed as it breaks the rule set by Epic Games. If you want to get XP fast, you can consider the following methods.

The first method is to last longer in matches. The longer you last in a match and more skills you get, the more XP you will earn. Aside from that, you will also want to at least until the first circle arrives, so going in spicy and dropping straight into Titled Towers is not always practical.

The second on is to buy the Battle Pass. If you are serious about earning XP, then buy the current season’s Battle Pass as soon as it is available. You will immediately earn XP multiplayers for playing alone or with friends, increasing your earns for any matches you play. Basically, the more you level it up, the higher the multiplier goes. This table below is Battle Pass Tiers you have to hit in order to increase those multipliers in Season 5.

Season 5 Tier Peronal XP Boost Friend XP Boost
1 50% 10%
2 10% None
9 None 5%
17 10% None
25 None 5%
33 10% None
41 None 5%
49 10% None
57 None 5%
65 10% None
73 None 5%
81 10% None
89 None 5%
96 10% None

For example, if you get to Tier 96, you will earn the additional 120% personal XP boost, and another 120% for a friend XP boost, making it the most effective way to get XP in Fortnite. On top of that, the Battle Pass gives you regular amounts of XP for hitting particular Tiers. For Season 5, here is the table.

Season 5 Tier










The third on is to play with friends. Playing with your friends will reward more XP as you have the Battle Pass purchased. It is better for you to have a full squad and the multiplayer can give you a real boost. Another benefit of playing with friends is to play better together and survive longer, thus increasing the XP gains at the end of the match.

The fourth on is to complete challenges, both daily and weekly. Weekly Challenges are usually used to level up the Battle Pass Tiers, giving you unlocks. If you complete four of the given week’s challenges, they do give you 5,000 XP. As for the Daily Challenges, they are more XP focused giving you 500 XP per completed challenge. You can only get one Daily Challenge per day, but with 70 days worth of challenges available in a season, that is 35,000 bonuses XP up for grabs.

The fifth one is to play during a Double XP event. Sometimes, there are Double XP events. They are when all Match XP is doubled. Those are pretty rare. Season 4 had the event that was announced just a few days in advance.

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