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XP, the term to call eXperience Points, are able to be earned through matches, daily challenges (prior to Season X), weekly challenges (prior to Season X), missions (since Season X), medals (since Challenge 2 Season 1), killing opponents, finding XP Cpins, opening Chests, hitting at weak spots, and more.

The thing called XP has been in the game named Fortnite since the beginning. By playing the game, the players are able to level up in order to get rewards. On Challenge 2 Season 1, XP became really important in progressing the Battle Pass. Here are the amounts of experience that you will have to get for each level. Everything varies between levels 1 – 7, but once you reach 8 you will have to earn 80,000 experience per level.

  • 1: 10,000 – Total: 0
  • 2: 20,000 – Total: 10,000
  • 3: 30,000 – Total: 30,000
  • 4: 40,000 – Total: 60,000
  • 5: 50,000 – Total: 100,000
  • 6: 60,000 – Total: 150,000
  • 7: 70,000 – Total: 210,000
  • 8 – 99: 80,000 – Total: 280,000 – 7,610,000

There are a lot of methods to earn XP now and they are not only based on eliminations or surviving throughout the round. The first one is exploring the map. You are able to earn 2,000 XP for each landmark and named location you find. This will add up to be quite a bit of XP, because there is a ton of different landmarks on the map. Please try and visit each of them if you are nearby.

The second one is challenges. Actually, this one is not much different compared to previous ones, but you will want to make sure you complete all of the challenges you are given. Those come in a form of weekly missions and you are able to gain 14,000 XP for each challenge you complete. Every week has 11 total objectives you are able to complete, so you are able to gain 154,000 experience by finishing them all. For your information, the future challenges are now going to grant 54,000 XP for each completion, meaning you are able to earn 594,000 XP a week.

Basically, you earn experience from everything you do in game. Whether it is hitting a particular amount of bullseyes while you are harvesting or getting an elimination, there us a chance of you to get XP from it, some examples of the in game bonuses include searching an Ammo Box (190 XP), searching a Chest (215 XP), using a Fishing Spot (105 XP), headshot (75 XP), eliminating an Opponent (255 XP), knocking an Opponent (60 XP), and assisting with an Elimination (210 XP).

Do you want to level up fast and get the rewards? It is possible, the only thing that should be done is to earn as much as XP as possible. Aside from playing matches as often as possible, you are also able to earn XP by completing challenges. Completing as much challenges as you can gives you a chance to get as many XP as you can, meaning leveling up fast and getting the rewards.

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