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Are you a streamer on Fortnite? Do you want to make your YouTube Channel more attractive and inviting look? Then, what will you do to make your YouTube Channel rising up and many clicks from viewers?

Definitely, a YouTube Channel can be separated from the banner that can people so interested to click it. Without interesting banner, automatically, just a few people probably will click your video. In this case, a YouTube banner can be called as a face of video in which it will determine everyone whether clicking it or not. So, how to make gorgeous banner for you YouTube channel?

Nowadays, there are tons of online template/banner editors that offer to have amazing and catching image that can be used for your YouTube banner. Certainly it is your job to look for the trusted online editor that can make you satisfied in making a YouTube banner. Then, what is the best size for a YouTube banner?

Definitely, there are certain sizes which are best for a YouTube banner. In this case, the size depends on Youtuber’s needs. But, most of YouTuber often use a YouTube banner with a size of 2560 x 1440 pixels. By its size, the image will present for bigger and clearer display so everyone who looks it can catch it well.

So, in this case, we are going to share some trusted online banner maker/editor with a size of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Here are they:


The first online template maker is Velosofy that you can access it at In this site, you are allowed to make any free templates for your YouTube banner. Which make this editor so interested is to porvide many categories with any visual effect. For gaming streamer, there is a special effect that you can use. The template is provided in category of gaming. If you want to see the template for your banner, you can see them link.. Those are very interesting, aren’t they?


The second banner option that you can choose is On this site, you are allowed to level up your YouTube channel by making some gorgeous banner. You can also choose your template for you banner to be more attractiveto look. But, you have to sign up first before you can make it for free. You can get strated making your YouTube banner through this link.


For Fortnite, you can get the inviting and enchanting banner from this site. It is because this site specially provide many gorgeous template for your YouTube banner. If you are curious to know what the Fortnite templates are, you can totally visit this site at Besides, you can have a custom banner as your love through this site.


For the last recommended online banner maker that you can use is On this site, you are allowed to make your custom YouTube banner. to make a banner, you do not get difficulty because there is a tutorial video that you can watch as a way. So, if you want to try making your desire YouTube banner, you can visit this site wdflat.

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