Fortnite Zero Point Challenges to Be Revealed

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Zero Point challenges are challenges which can be found in Fortnite Season 10. It is important for you to know the list of challenges if you want to complete them. So, what are they? We are going to reveal them here now.

Zero Points Challenges in Fortnite is an exclusive set of challenges for Battle Pass holders. If you have bought a Battle Pass, then the Zero Point Challenges will be available to complete. These challenges are able to be completed any time until the season ends. There are some rewards that will be obtained by players who can complete the challenges. The rewards are:

  • Loading Screen
  • A style option for Sparkle Supreme
  • A style option for Ultima Knight

What challenges are there in the Zero Point Challenges? The challenges are listed below.

  • You have to be able to reach Battle Pass Tier 100.

If you have unlocked the Season 10 Battle Pass, the Battle Pass will begin at Tier 1 or Tier 23 if the Battle Pass was bought. You have to reach Tier 100 to complete all the Zero Point Challenges and after you level up, Battle Stars will rewarded and getting 10 Battle Stars will reward 1 Tier in the Battle Pass.

  • You need to unlock 12 Season Level Mission Rewards.

To complete until season ends, the Level Headed Missions will be available for Battle Pass Holders. You have to level up for each challenge and if you completed each challenge, you will be rewarded either an emote or a style option for every skin in the Season 10 Battle Pass.

  • You must complete 10 Battle Pass Missions.

Each mission will give 7 challenge and rewards for each challenge, mostly being XP for 5 challenges and cosmetics for the other 2. If you have completed all the challenges, then one Battle Pass Mission will be complete and it permits you to the Prestige Missions to be available.

  • You have to complete 10 Prestige Missions.

If you have completed all of 7 challenges from a Battle Pass Mission, you can complete the Prestige Missions. These missions are usually the same as challenges to the Battle Pass Mission challenges that was completed but it will be harder than before. In these missions, there will be each 7 challenges and if you have completed them, XP will be given for 5 challenges, and cosmetics for two.

  • You need to complete a Meteoric Rise Mission.

In these missions, there will be 7 challenges, 5 missions reward Battle Stars and two reward cosmetics. If you can complete four challenges, you will get the back bling Star Surge and if you can complete all the missions, instead of the reward being a style for a Battle Pass skin, you will get a brand new skin named the Scientist.

After knowing the challenges in the missions, now you know what you have to do since you have the descriptions of it. So, good luck for you and get the rewards!

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